Pollution From Waste: Buriganga water shows signs of improvement With all the previous efforts to save Buriganga river going in vain, Dhaka South City. The impossible task of cleaning the Buriganga river Result: the water is so polluted that no fish can survive there. At the beginning of January. Shehzad Noorani explores how the extreme pollution of the Buriganga River in Dhaka, Bangladesh, impacts those who make their homes and living on the river.

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Constituencies Speaker Local government: These types of wastes are polluted the Buriganga indirectly.

According to the Environment Department, up to 40, tonnes of tannery waste flows into the river daily along with sewage from Dhaka, a city of more than 10 million. According to World Bank study, about 0. ThingsAsian is an Asia travel website with stories contributed by a worldwide community. Doing Laundry on the Buriganga. The image above shows one of the barges that came right at us. More From This Author.

There is no data on the exact number of units.

Buriganga River Still in Crisis — Lynne Buchanan Photography

The government has been criticised for its inability or unwillingness to stop the industrial units of the city from releasing untreated waste into the water. The pollutants have eaten up all oxygen in the Buriganga which is called biological dead.

Long term chromium contamination may cause cancer. Sewage is also released into the Buriganga. Lumber Transport, Buriganga River. In this study we want to discuss about history, causes, states, impacts of Buriganga pollution and finally the way to mitigate or minimize the pollution of Buriganga River. Bricklayers Balancing Bricks, Buriganga River.

Buriganga River Pollution Threatens Millions of People By -Md. Abul Hasan

Illegal structures have sprung up along its banks, narrowing the river and adding to the dirt, while ferries spill oil into its waters. Bangladesh’s polluted Buriganga river cries out for help. The river was totally black before the larger operations were moved, and it is still very dark. Views Read Edit View history. United Arab Emirates 4.


But now the river has been reduced to drain. The Buriganga River Bengali: The water hyacinths that proliferate here, especially during the monsoon season, might be helpful in combatting this issue, as well as other forms of industrial wastewater pollution http: Experts feel that with a focus on integrated approach, poolution government departments must come together to save polution river.

One proposal the government had in was to dredge a channel fro the Jumana River, which is part of the Brahmaputra River that flows through Tibet and India before reaching Bangladesh. I sincerely hope that this clean-up will soon be taken more seriously by everybody. Close to the Sultanganj pollutioj Hazaribagh industrial area, washer people struggle to wash clothes in the dirty river water. When this course gradually shifted and ultimately lost its link with the main channel of the Ganges it was renamed the Buriganga.

The countless vessels and mechanised trawlers that traverse the river also discharge solid waste and burnt oil into the waters. The tanneries are known as the biggest polluters of all. And the commercial waste is also one of the inputs of pollutants in to the river. The Buriganga River Keeper campaign has a simple but effective plan to pressurise the government and industry owners to treat the water at effluent treatment plants ETPs first and then release it in the river.

Photo posted by Osmini Samanidou on Flickr.

Together we build journalism that is independent, credible and fearless. Most industries do not have any treatment facility at all while others that do, do not operate them regularly.

Boatmen pollutioh preparations on their vessels before setting out on the Buriganga river in Dhaka.


As you can see, Sharif’s boat is not large, especially compared with barges and other large ships that travel on this waterway bringing goods to the capital. Over time, the course of the river gradually shifted and lost its link with the Ganges, which is when it was renamed the Buriganga River.

The extracted sludge was to be disposed of at Dhaka City Corporation’s dumping site. Most of the industrial units of these areas have no sewage treatment or effluent treatment plants ETPs of their own. One of the mainstays of the Bangladesh economy, as well as a major source of pollution is the brick industry. Half-hearted measures The government has constituted a number of task forces in order to suggest measures to tackle river pollution.

Buriganga River Pollution Threatens Millions of People By -Md. Abul Hasan – Perspective

The river was also the city’s main source of drinking water. My profile Contribute Logout. Further usages include wastewater treatment, since the hyacinths absorb and digest nutrients and minerals from untreated effluent.

But the once mighty Buriganga river, which flows by Dhaka, is now one of the most polluted rivers in Bangladesh because of rampant dumping of industrial and human waste. However, the civic agency refused to burigannga the waste because of its volume and the unknown characteristics of the waste.

He said the situation would be even worse if it were not for the annual monsoons, which help to clear the river to some extent as the water flow increases after the heavy rains. The government has constituted a number of task forces in order to suggest measures to tackle river pollution. Involvement of NGOs or groups will not change things.