General Editors: The Hon Mr Justice William Blair, Lord Dan Brennan, QC, The Right Hon Lord Justice Robin Jacob and The Hon Mr Justice Brian Langstaff. Bullen & Leake & Jacob’s Precedents of Pleadings 18th Ed. Supplement precedents O1—O3. share of profits, of O2 precedents W1— W4. Bullen & Leake & Jacob’s Hong Kong Precedents of Pleadings 2nd ed by Bokhary NPJ, published by Sweet & Maxwell. – This new edition provides localisation.

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Abatement purchase price, of F Absolute privilege defences J12—J Abuse of dominant position claim for breach of Art. Abuse of process generally — Acceleration clauses defence F9.

Acceptance sale leakke goods Access orders applications Account constructive trusts, on basis of O3. Account of profits copyright infringement Acquisition of property flats. Action for price sale of goods Adjournment mortgage action Adjudication construction law enforcement of award.

Bullen & Leake & Jacob’s Canadian Precedents of Pleadings, Third Edition + CD

Administrative Court judicial review, and. Affirmation life insurance T6.

Age discrimination See also Wrongs. Agents See also Commission agents. Agricultural occupancy possession claims Z Air See Right to air. Airports charges claim 7-D2.

Allocation of business financial services — Alterations construction of clause Z7. Alternative accommodation See Possession claims. Alternative dispute resolution sports Amendments statements of case — Annoyance private nuisance Annual leave claim L Antecedent debt See Cheques.


Anti-competitive practices claim for breach of Art. Anti-suit injunctions arbitration awards. Appeals arbitration awards s 69 AA Competition Appeal Tribunal, to. Approval See Sale or return. Arbitration awards anti-suit injunctions. Arrears consumer credit agreements instalments. Artistic works copyright infringement U2. Assault breach of Data Protection Actand. Assignment See also Assignment contractual rights Consent to assignment. Assignment contractual rights chose incapable of assignment.

LPAsunder 6-C2. LPAsunder. Assignment of proceedings See Allocation of business. Assured shorthold tenancies possession claims. Assured tenancies possession claims. Auctions bids by seller Consumer Rights Actand Authorised persons financial services Authorship musical works claim M Average loss See also General average.

Aviation See also Carriage by air. Bad character defamation Balance of moneys due See Consumer credit agreements. Band names See Entertainment. Banking services See also Financial services. Belief discrimination See also Wrongs. Bills of exchange conditional delivery E Bills of sale liens, and Block exemptions competition law Blocking orders data protection V8. Bona fide purchase See Purchasers without notice.

Bonds common money bonds. Boundary disputes generally Breach of authority professional negligence Y7. Breach of collateral warranty See Collateral warranties.

Breach pleadinhs condition life insurance T5. Breach of contract consumer credit agreements. Breach of covenant injunction O3.


Bullen & Leake & Jacob’s Hong Kong Precedents of Pleadings 2nd ed

Breach of discipline See Trade unions. Breach of duty of care claim 9-E5. Breach of fiduciary duty conspiracy P1. Breach of instructions See Commercial agents. Breach of mandate See Banking services. Breach of statutory duty financial services. Breach of warranty consumer precexents agreements.

Bribery account of profits Burden of proof marine insurance. Business law See Commercial law.

Business tenancies compensation upon termination. Buyers in possession conversion F Cancellable agreements consumer credit agreements F Carriage by air See also Aviation.

Case management generally Cargo damage during flight. Chester v Afshar basis X7. Causes of action financial services Causing loss by unlawful means claim O3. precedwnts

Celebrities passing off U4. Change of position buleln services 9-E Change of use generally Charges See also Fees. Charging orders enforcement by sale Chattels consumer hire agreements. Cheques antecedent debt E CIF contracts claim F5. Civil partnerships discrimination in employment Civil Procedure Rules generally Claim forms generally Clinical negligence breach of duty National Health Service, within X1.