Psihologija ličnosti: teorije istraživanja / Lawrence A.. Bukvar teorije ličnosti: sažet prikaz osnovnih pitanja teorija ličnosti. prevod Vojin Stojić. K. Hol i G. Lindzi (): Teorije ličnosti (Frojd: ; Erikson: ; Jung: ; Adler: ; B. Popović (): Bukvar psihologije ličnosti (str. KRATAK PREGLED TEORIJA KRIMINALA (Sara Sremčević) Ničeov ‘Antihrist’ (F. Nietzsche, Der Antichrist), bukvar za svakoga ko želi Kriminalom se bave i nepsihopatske ličnosti, ali s obzirom na to da se ovaj rad.

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Keep the log in your department. She is already leading a traditional school of science for children of the younger age of the town of Sabac, where he promotes experiments that are often confusing in children and their parents, encouraging both creativity and critical thinking among children. Every working day represents a challenge for her. Coordinator of the program livnosti the school level – electronic testing for students in the 4th grade. In bukvxr project of Societe General Bank Innovations in Banking, students won the third place at the national level.

The spelling in the school administration, where it was pointed out the most common spelling mistakes and doubts about the completion of the school administration and the Spelling in Contemporary Communication, where in addition to the basic features and type of modern communication, the inevitability of linking spelling and typing, licnoti well as the proper compilation and sending of email messages, the most widespread forms of electronic communications.

About the Department Study Programs Courses The hours are interesting and always different, and the students are active. She directs her student towards the search for ideas which would instigate economic development bujvar Serbia.

Etwinning je ambasador za Srbiju i Microsoft Innovative Expert. She implements her teaching in the form of thematic days, workshops, public and experimental classes via the ambiance and project teaching. Uvek je dostupna i za potrebe dodatnog i dopunskog rada.


Autor je i realizator mnogobrojnih tworije, predavanja, tribina, konferencija, veb konferencija i onlajn seminara.


Students tell her that she is a positive and cheerful person, “constantly on the move bukvqr action, conceives new things and continually activates us in various competitions and in various competitions.

He publishes the best practice lessons in methodical journals School Time of Serbian Language and Literature, Methodological Aspectsand some of the works are based on the knowledge of “Creative Schools” and “Digital Time”. Her magazines, as the examples of good practice, have been published in collections: Children participate in various competitions and competitions, creative workshops, sports activities, performances, and various research activities.

They have shown their thankfulness to her in a way that they, together with the people from the village, make her a candidate for the Saint Sava Charter of the city.

Also, teorijd are no prizes in Republic competitions, and one of the award-winning sites is M and on the net. Her classroom is a space for the research on how much technology can help in gaining both new knowledge and skills in the 21st century, But, she partially moved the classroom to the virtual world as well. He teaches with a lot of enthusiasm and will, and conveys the laws of physics and nature through innovative procedures.

O njenom odeljenju snimljena je emisija na temu inkluzivnog obrazovanja, prva na tu temu u Srbiji. Together with his colleague from the school, he is one of the creators of the Creative Team “Mission”, buovar conducts educational and creative workshops for students of the seventh and eighth grade, whose goal is to recognize talents among pupils, gradually and properly develop and direct. She is considered lichosti be a good organizer of activities.

Pravi akcije promovisanja zdrave hrane.

Psychology | Универзитет у Београду – Филозофски факултет

Her works are based on the knowledge of “Creative Schools”, “Digital Time” and “Learned at the seminar applied in practice”. His disciples say that he is persistent, professional and fair. TV, DVD, video bim, library, licnostj, puppet show houses She chose thematic planning because of the effects of work and results being achieved by this teaching.


She has been working in an undivided school for thirteen years. She has been working on an innovative teaching model as a great enthusiast. He deals with writing, theatre, film, science, journalism, books, children, humor… relying on the antique bkuvar of dialogue and renaissance, variety. He takes part in all activities at school with joy. She works with her colleagues from other village and city schools. Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

Listening attentively to the impulses not only of his classroom, but of the entire educational reality, he placed himself among the pioneers of a new teaching practice. Voli i ceni rad.

The winners were also provided with awards cups, book markings, diplomas, membership cards and one copy of Spelling and Clay’s Dictionary of Language Dangers for School Library.

Her students won several awards at the “Play Safely” competition, one of which is a film about the subject of security on the Internet. With her encouragement, they take part in many competitions and contests and achieve remarkable results.

For two years he has been participating in the creation of winter workshops at the Republic Winter Seminar at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. She is the author of the blog, FB page and the group for parents. He is the author of the blog Creative Magic, where he demonstrates and documents the results of his work.