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Tanchis, Le interviste di AD: Bruno Munari, AD aprile P. Munari, La scoperta del quadratoa cura del centro P. Munari, Fantasia materia prima in Tempo febbraio B. Carrieri, Munari si diverte in Tempo 27 marzo – 3 aprile B.

Munari, Fermare l’immagine, in Tempo n. Buzzati, Ha fatto un libro strappando le pagine, in Corriere d’Informazione 10 dicembre Concavo e Convesso, in Domus ottobre-dicembre Munari, Manifesto dei multipli, Centro operativo Sincron, Brescia, Munari, Tanti saluti con fantasia, in Stampa Alternativa Roma Carrieri, Munari illusionista degli spazi, in Natura nov-dic Munari, La grafica tridimensionale di Max Huberin Design n.

Bollettino del MAC N. Munari, Belle e Bruttein L’Automobile – marzo Munari, Diagrammain Orpheus – dicembre Munari, Dall’individualismo al collettivismoin Arte Centro Milano, aprile – giugno Spazio AbitabileStampa Alternativa, Roma, L’Arte di Bruno Munari. Le Opere Il passato futurista Mostre ed opere futuriste Macchina aerea Macchine inutili Fotogrammi, dal Tensostrutture Astrattismo anni ”40 Concavo-convesso Negativi-positivi Pittura proiettata Munari ’50 Oggetti trovati Macchine aritmiche Sculture da viaggio Xerografie dal Nel banner particolari di: Buzzati, Ha fatto un libro strappando le pagine, in Corriere d’Informazione 10 dicembre Concavo e Convesso, in Domus ottobre-dicembre B.

Carrieri, Munari illusionista degli spazi, in Natura nov-dic B. Munari, Diagrammain Orpheus – dicembre M. Some years later the family moved to the Polesine district to the south of Venice where the artist passed his childhood.

On the town square, wholly of pink marble, you walked barefoot on summer evenings. In the catalogue Marin etti mentioned Munari: He designed sets and costumes for Il suggeritore nudo by Marinetti at the Teatro degli Independenti in Rome. He took part in the 17th Venice Biennale. With 16 works, he took part in the group show Mostra Futurista Arch. Sant’Elia e 22 pittori futuristi at the Galleria Pesaro in Milan.

Together with Andreoni, Duse, Manzoni, Gambini, and Bot he signed the Manifesto della aeropittura dei futuristi milanesi in which it was stated that ” artistic creation must be a precise and complete whole with and from which to explore the infinite chromatic atmospheres that surround the plastic totality, definable as an aerial island in which all the laws of nature have to be abolished “.


He took part in the 18th Venice Biennale. With 27 drawings he illustrated Il Cantastorie di Camparian advertising booklet. He continued to exhibit his Macchine Inutili in Futurist shows, attracting the attention of Depero and Marinetti. He took part in the 19th Venice Biennale. He bought the only picture to be sold in the first show in Italy by Kandinsky, held at the Galleria del Milione in Milan.

He took part in the 20th Venice Biennale. Marinetti Poem of the Milk Dress with advanced graphic inventions. A solo show of abstract paintings at the Galleria Ciliberti in Milan. A solo show of abstract paintings, Dipinti astrattiwas held at the Galleria Bergamini in Milan. In its end-of-the-year issue, “Domus” magazine devoted a folded insert to the work Concavo-Convessoone which was well adapted to a photographic interpretation.

I mean to say that Munari, among abstract painters, is the only one who makes even his own painting move “. He began his series of paintings titled Negativo-positivo Negative-Positive in which the distinction between the figure and the background was annulled to create a sense of perceptive instability.

He participated in the Milan fair with an installation of the Macchine Inutili in the Montecatini pavilion. These books were conceived of as unique pieces and, without the use of words, they told stories through the means of images, coloured lines, pages that were cut, folded or transparent, and with cotton threads and other insertions. He designed a Macchina Inutile twelve metres high for the Motta pavilion at the Milan trade fair. A show of Quadri quadrati plastici e nuove macchine inutili was held at the Galleria Bergamini in Milan.

For the 26th Venice Biennale he made an open-air fountain at the entrance to the central pavilion. He began to use polarised filters for making comunicazilne Proiezioni a Luce Polarizzata Polarised Projections.

Bruno Munari, esempi di textures

He designed the logo for the 10th Triennale in Milan. He exhibited his Negativi-positivi at the Gallerie Apollinaire in Milan.

For the Milan fair comunicaziond designed two fountains with rotating elements moved by the water in a random manner. Babila in Milan he exhibited his series of works Ricostruzioni Teoriche di Oggetti Immaginari in base a frammenti di residui di origine incerta e di uso sconosciuto Theoretical Reconstruction of Imaginary Objects Ckmunicazione on Residual Fragments of Uncertain Origin and of Unknown Usagebegun in Panarea in with the performance and invention of Museo Immaginario delle isole Eolie Imaginary Museum of the Aeolian Islands.

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In September “Domus” devoted its cover to a Proiezione a luce polarizzata: He founded the Studio di Monte Olimpino, a studio for research cinema. He made a film, I btuno della luceabout the breakdown of light with a polarizing filter. The refined publisher Scheiwiller in Milan released his book Good Design.

Design E Comunicazione Visiva Bruno Munari pdf

Munari began to experiment with the creative possibilities of Xerox photocopying machines to produce unique works he called Xerografie Originali Original Xerographs by moving images during the photocopying process.

The metro ee in Milan and, for the occasion, Munari designed a poster advertisement for Campari, today in the collection of MoMA in New York, that could even be read from the train while it was travelling. With experimental films he took part in Nova tendencija 3Zagreb.

At the opening he used a Rank Xerox for a demonstrative performance of the creation of Xerografie originali. Laterza published his book Arte come mestiere. He was invited to hold a series of lessons about visual communication at Harvard University Cambridge U. He published Cokunicazione Illeggibile N. His Harvard lessons were published by the Laterza publishing house in the book Design e Comunicazione Visiva.

Furthermore he undertook a creative performance with a Rank Xerox machine.

For this occasion Rank Xerox published a book, not for sale, Bruno Munari. He took part in and organised Sagra Fuoco e Schiumaa happening against the pollution of the river Lambro at S.

Angelo Lodigiano, with the participation of more than artists. For the art editions of Danese, Milan, he replicated in ten examples the Macchina Aereadestroyed while moving home. The stones, collected by the artist since the s, were the protagonists of visual stories and tales. Opere dal al at the Galleria Sincron in Brescia. A solo room at the Venice Biennale with the series of works Olio su tela.

Works at the museum in Jerusalem. For the Sincron gallery dssign Brescia he created a new series of works titled Alta tensione High Tensionsculptures related to the Tensostrutture Tensostructures works he had planned in the s. He was buried in Memorial Chapel of the main cemetery in Milan.