Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 3 by Georges Rodenbach. Bruges-la- morte by Georges Rodenbach. No cover available. Download. Buy Bruges-la-Morte by Georges Rodenbach, Alan Hollinghurst from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and. 3 / 1 / Georges Rodenbach, Bruges-la-Morte. James Elkins. This is the book most often taken as the starting point for novels illustrated with photographs.

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If Debussy hadn’t done it, Alban Berg would have been ideal. He obsesses about rodenbzch, pursues her, and eventually begins a relationship with her.

Bruges-la-morte by Georges Rodenbach

lla He also makes rodenbavh much use of repetition that what might otherwise be small decisions become very big ones. The town appears in its meager population to be a summonings of those waiting for time to pass without disruption to end in a, good death. Hugues Viane has retired to Bruges after the death of his wife of ten years; five years later, he is still unable to put her memory to rest.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Their destinies were joined together. Want to Read saving…. In the distance is a chimney and its reflection, and a church tower.

Bruges-la-morte by Georges Rodenbach – Free Ebook

There are several meanings entangled here, which it may be useful to provisionally separate:. This is one of the greatest novels ever written about grief, loneliness and isolation; and such subjects are, alas, always relevant these days. It is believed to be the first work of fiction illustrated with photographs. Jane pour sa part n’est pas meilleure. The carelessness and lack of concern for the visual—and the assumption that the photographs can be detached from the writing—may be characteristic of the history of the illustrated novel as a whole.

You may think I’m being satirical but, actually, this is a great, atmospheric read. In my mind Rodenbacu thought I was paying tribute to her, and yet in reality I was doing her an injustice, reducing her to a single image, one that no one, not even she, could have lived up to. Indeed, he literally dodenbach her memory and treats her things like relics. In uno stile che ricorda un po’ certi autori mittleleuropei e con un occhio al simbolismo francese Rodenbach ci accompagna per i vicoli di Bruges, ci fa respirare le sue nebbie, spiare tra i suoi canali mentre insegue l’eterno sogno del doppio.


In this case it is possible that Rodenbach chose the photo partly for its grouping of figures, and it is not unlikely that we are to imagine this as the sort of thing Hugues sees as he wanders around the city. The town, so glorious of old and still so lovely in its decay, became to him the incarnation of his regrets. More about that here. This novel is not my style: To ask other readers questions about Bruges-La-Morteplease sign up.

As it turns out, Erich Korngold did such a thing inbut the Nazis banned it, and I’m not sure that he would have had the right musical attitude. In this sense every brugess is either part of a portrait, or—in a wonderful equivocation—all the photographs comprise a portrait.

A brief glimpse of Bruges

The full original is online at the Internet Archiveand it can be downloaded as a pdf. Notice there are three trees on the left in the first photograph; the second was apparently taken next to the nearest of those three.

Yet he, we, follow the woman, the flesh and blood woman into a theater. Cosa che ho potuto notare personalmente, essendo stata a Bruges in gennaio.

Just make sure you have a brisk walk afterwards. There is a climactic scene during a famous religious rodenbsch which Jane wishes to view from Hugues’s balcony.

The second edition, an English translation by Mike Mitchell, was published by Dedalus in Having lost his wife, Hugues Viane moves to the melancholy city of Bruges in Belgium where he lives eodenbach somber life morosely contemplating his loss some five years ago.


James Elkins This is the book most often taken as the starting point for novels illustrated with photographs.

Three different editions of Georges Rodenbach’s Bruges-la-Morte | ThisIsSuperSerious

This is also developed in the narrative, so it conflicts with the nominal realism of the photographs. Although the symbolic and structural aspects of the novel should come through well in English, it would be a hard task to capture some of the qualities of the language. It felt that way, anyway.

Mi sorridono affettuosamente gli occhi, ogni volta che la guardo. All we know about the house is its largeness and its gloom, housing him and his elderly female servant. And then one day he sees a woman in the street who appears to be the exact double of his dead wife. I was in mourning; well, until I got over it, of course. Questa particolare raffinatezza opera soprattutto in amore: I have seen it described as ornate, but it never struck me that way, especially in the context of when the book was published,a time when authors really did know a thing or two about overcooking their sentences.

There are 35 photographs in the first edition, but I hope I have said enough to suggest that they repay a kind of combination of reading and looking that the book so far has not received. Where, one day, he sees a woman in the street who looks identical, in every detail, to his dead wife. His prose is that special kind that, if I can write this without too much cringing, glides along the page, with grace and absolutely without pretension. Or maybe he meant to point readers toward some specific differences: