Brian Keene (novel), William M. Miller (screenplay) NOLAN GOULD ON THE SET OF GHOUL Ghoul premier At Park City Utah Nolan Gould, Carol Jean Wells, . Written by: Matthew J. Barbour Brian Keene has written a lot of books. The narrative of Ghoul focuses on three 12 year old boys and their. Brian Keene’s Ghoul focuses on three twelve-year-old friends—Timmy, Barry and Doug—during the summer of as the boys discover a.

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Writers Wanted… Ravenous Monster is looking for writers interested in covering all that goes bump in the night! It’s about a young boy and his two best friends and the summer when they must deal with everyday monsters as well as a slimy, corpse-eating ghoul.

Aside from writing M. Several more are in-development or bran option. The ghoul lashes out with rage, repeatedly smashes the boy’s head against a tombstone until he dies; the chapter ends as he approaches the helpless girl. Well yeah, it pretty much was. About the author M. This is one of the books that made Brian Keene one of my favorite writers. Keen must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Open Preview See a Problem? Honestly, that’s what it reminded me of.

Timmy and his friends will have to face a creature that no one believes exists. This goes to kene why horror movies are hard to make,without a proper director with skill you get this,not the classic this story deserved.

The human ones can be just as bad, or even worse. Its the kind of bittersweet twist that sort of contrasted the “happy” ending of the monster being defeated.

Death of the Virgin Again, it doesn’t mess up the story, I just noticed it. You are commenting using your WordPress. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. And that’s why it’s important. There is an epilogue where we see Timmy come home as an adult for his father’s funeral where he runs into Barry who has taken over for his father as the cemetary caretaker.


His work is reminiscent of- and inspired by- speculative fiction of the late 70s and 80s.

Bhoul it inevitable that we become what we hate? It was–and yes, I’m using this word to describe the resolution of a contemporary horror novel, because some horror novels are far more than what most people give them credit for being–important. He can also be found expressing his inner nerd at Unleash the Fanboy. This is my first Brian Keene novel. In fact, it’s probably my favorite Keene ending. This is copy of hardcover copies printed and signed and numbered by Brian Keene.

The town becomes very suspicious with six missing people in less than a week broan the boys’ families will no longer let them play in the cemetery woods. Nov 12, Ghouo rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Lists with This Book. I won’t give away too much, but the book really, really takes ksene unflinching look at how the actions of adults can have penetrating effects on the impressionable psyches of children. This was heavily influenced by Stephen King’s “IT” and by influenced I mean a lot of stuff seemed directly ripped off.

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Ghoul by Brian Keene

Do not let this one pass you by. View all 17 comments. This is a coming-of-age tale I know, but it really is.

Otherwise, this is great entertainment. It read like every traditional horror movie of the eighties. Because this is such a tightly delivered story, one that has kept me late from other commitments, and one that resolves very nicely, I am loathe to dock it any stars. But Barry’s father, the caretaker, doesn’t like them hanging krene there. Sorry just wasn’t impressed.


ghouo Rhonda Smeltzer Carol Jean Wells What nrian seem tacky and cheap works here because of the authenticity in its presentation. Timmy the protagonist and Doug gleefully give the dog his comeuppance, but Barry takes it a step further. Agoraphobic freshman in New York City must join a scavenger hunt to save her boyfriend from a murderous gamemaster.

May, a young Canadian woman with a horrifying past travels to the small highly spiritual town to take her vows into nun hood. There were several things in the story that I thought were unnecessary baggage. Besides, the verb swoon is something normally seen in romance novels.

Brian Keene ‘Ghoul’ Review

When an abused teenage girl murders her alcoholic mother, the mother’s vengeful spirit returns to haunt her. View all 3 comments. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The two form a plan and go to the dugout which they find collapsed into the ghoul’s warren.

Doug flees but his bike’s kickstand rattles and the ghoul begins to chase him but Doug escapes. When tenants start ghiul up He thinks that Timmy’s comic books have warped his mind though it seems like he always thought that a boy who read comics instead of playing football was “weird”.