As Ignazio Silone’s novel Bread and Wine opens, Don Benedetto, a Catholic priest, is sitting outside his modest home. It is his seventy-fifth birthday, and he is . When it first appeared in , Bread and Wine stunned the world with its exposure of Italy’s fascist state, depicting that regime’s use of. Ignazio Silone’s classic novel Bread and Wine served as a moral compass to U.S. leftists seeking alternatives to both capitalism and.

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Books by Ignazio Silone.

Silone was 15 years old when an earthquake in his native Abruzzi killed his mother and five of his brothers. It is a story of a leftist who returns to Italy in the mid 30’s to revive resistance agains the regime just as war is declared against eithiopia.

Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone | : Books

A close, claustrophobic story lurking in the shadows of Mussolini’s fascist Italy at the outbreak of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, Bread and Wine follows the fervid, ailing revolutionary Pietro Spina into hiding after his ill-advised return from exile, his disguise as a provincial priest fraught with social and moral complications as he struggles by turns to educate and agitate the villagers who surround him.

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By parts it is very funny and has a cannery row quality about it like the character Sciatap who went to america and returned having learned a single phrase: An Italian version, Pane e vino, did not appear until One of the 20th century’s essential novels depicting Fascism’s rise in Italy.


Retrieved from ” https: Pietro Spina is a young revolutionary who is being sought by authorities. Also, remember, Silone was against Communism at the time he wrote the book. Life gives one what it gives; the issue is to bear it as best one can. The American Experience with Alcohol: View all 5 vread. Bennett Snippet view – At ane, in the Italian countryside‚Ķ He tries his best to infuse in the peasant community of Abbruzzi the fighting spirit, the spirit of revolution.

It is a conflict which is unresolvable and the main character does not succeed in finding a way out.

It’s sufficient for one person to say no and the spell is broken. View all 21 comments. Both novels concentrate on the Italian rural poor, who are suffering under Mussolini’s dictatorship and who dearly wish they could emigrate to America or Argentina.

In this way, within this context, the ideas celebrated in the book are shocking and revolutionary. I read this one in or so, prompted by Silone’s associations with postwar French thinkers and the usual rot which attracts pseuds in their early twenties.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It will always have a special place in my bookshelf and I would recommend it to anyone who is exploring the dimensions of the Catholic faith.

He is forever dipping black bread into red wine to make his food of choice just as he struggles always to unite equal people in the life-giving struggle against Fascism. Meanwhile, Pietro Spina falls in love with a girl, but can not reveal his true identity It was finished while the author was in exile from Benito Mussolini’s Italy.


Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone

You are commenting using your Twitter account. New American Library- Fiction – pages. And the Bocchini document with a cover document that says Secondino Tranquilli. Silone’s important criticism of Socialism in his own words: Might I suggest, however, that you amend your comments to consider the revelations that have come out of Italian archives ignazik the last 8 years or so?

Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Meanwhile, silobe young man is in contact with the sad reality of ignorant peasants of the village of Pietrasecca: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. We meet Pietro’s school mentor, the old priest Don Benedetto, at the begining of the novel. In that novel he explored in detail the lives of peasants in the early s rise of Fascism in Italy. Reading Ignazio Silone ‘s Bread and WineI think perhaps the reason is that all three are priest-haunted countries that wear their Catholicism on their sleeves.