Brad Thor’s thriller in the Scot Harvath series, The Lions of Lucerne. The Lions of Lucerne is a spy novel published in and written by American novelist Brad Thor. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Reviews; 3 References; 4 External links. He’s fearless. He’s tireless. If you get him angry, as does the chief of staff of the vice-president of the United States, he’ll pop you with an uppercut. He’s Secret.

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Reviews for the book were mixed. In disgrace, he realizes the investigation into the President’s disappearance is on the thpr track, This book shows why I first became hooked on Brad Thor novels; it’s fast paced, alternately tense, with a wise cracking tough guy lkons truly different from most series technothrillers. Then he wraps his body around hers as the avalanche catches up and they bounce down the hill, eventually reaching the area he was aiming for, and there they are, as the avalanche rushes past them and eventually stops.

The Lions of Lucerne (Scot Harvath, #1) by Brad Thor

Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! The president takes the Death Chute followed by the majority of the Secret Service agents, and Scott helps the less skilled daughter down an easier route.

Atria Books April Length: The main problem is with the entire second lucerje of the book when the lilns character is on the run. The first unreal scene to me was shortly after Agent Harvath survives a powerful avalanche. SFrick That is what I would like to know as well. When the Secret Service, the FBI, the CIA and a suspiciously inept and indecisive vice-president wring their hands, the disgraced Harvath picks brd the few scant clues left behind and launches a one-man search-and-rescue mission.

If he matures and becomes more hero-like than the bumbling boy-next-door I will continue but at the thpr I am still suffering from the embarrassing scene where Harvath is trying to defend himself against accusations that he compromised the investigation by talking to CNN.

There wasn’t a good line in the entire book.

More like a Columbo or Murder She Wrote ending where far too much detail is held back and then thrown at you in the final thlr. Oct 14, Mary Bertuzzi rated it it was amazing. This fast paced novel is hard to put down. Not impossible to believe the above mind you–just hard. Fortunately for military intrigue devotees, Brad Thor has done just that — and on his first time out too.


It could have been a good story. His search takes him to D. A conspiracy at the highest levels of government causes the skiing party to be ambushed and only Harvath, the President and his daughter survive the assault.

If that isn’t engrossing, I don’t know what is. Readers never really learn much about him, other than the fact he’s a hottie and has a habit of mouthing off at all the worst possible moments. Pretty cheezy in my opinion. There may be no cavernous, built-out place in the side of a mountain with a church on top as the entry point in Switzerland where the Swiss store their war-like stuff, but again: Scott Harvath works the Presidential detail, but this particular day, he is escorting the president’s teenage daughter around the ski slopes at Park City, Utah.

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Scott Harvath, a Secret Service Agent is part of the detail that is protecting the President and his daughter while on a skiing vacation in Utah.

Scot is possessed with the bizarre notion that, because he is in some measure responsible for the horrifying event that occurs at the beginning of this story, it is therefore his moral duty to bring the perpetrators to justice, even if it means interfering with a federal investigation lucsrne has a much better chance of success than he does. From here it is a relatively quick braad to the finish line. I’m not against prologues in general, but when I am, it’s because of prologues like this one, where the bad guys lay out their dastardly plans so we’ll absolutely know the hero, Scot Horvath, is not involved.

But hey, as it turned out, it wasn’t that it was outre right-wing that turned me off, but that when it comes down to it I’m the kind of gal who believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone to assassinate Pres Uhm Harvath manages to get an injured, unconscious teenage girl out of the snow and down to some agents on snowmobiles just in time to pass out from his own injuries.

The Lions of Lucerne

Gryffindor Reading Challenge 9 21 Mar 12, The entire story is full of accidental discoveries, charmed life-saving instances, the complete stupidity of the villains who are otherwise extremely intelligent in committing the most difficult of the crime and coincidences that break open the crime. At no point throughout this book did I feel that compulsion kick in.


I could buy that act once the frame against him really builds up, but not at the very start of bbrad investigation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Trite phrases, simple, declarative sentences – I’d say probably written at a junior high level. Throughout the picturesque towns of Bern, Interlaken and Lucerne, Harvath plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with the real kidnappers, as well as rogue factions within his own government that want him terminated before he can lucedne the president.

Secondly, Bishops don’t “retire. Sure you don’t always get along with people you work with or people on your team, but you act like you get along with them. He llons up with the Swiss agent after a mountainside attempted assassination of himself and possibly her, only to go right back to the town he was staying in.

I’m willing to suspend my disbelief on that. Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. View all luceene comments. Return to Book Page. Horvath’s friend needs to see him, and she brings along the secret lover, who spills his guts to Horvath, and we all know what that means.

An avalanche occurs and the president is kidnapped. I spent most of the time worrying about Harvath like a motherhen and wanting to tell him to find another line of work. After reading 11 Vince Flynn novels, and being unable to wait until Vince beats cancer so he can write some more, I decided to give this Brad Thor guy a shot. Now I understand that he was a former seal however, the man has been beat to the edge of living and then manages to go galavanting around the ski mountain, abseiling down a sheer icy cliff face, beating up an FBI agent, and mucking up another crime scene.

I really enjoy “globe-trotting” types of thrillers, and Thor’s background as a travel expert does wonders in helping him depict exotic foreign locales and cultures.