Installation view, BRACHA: Pietà — Eurydice — Medusa, UB Art Galleries, SUNY .. Bracha L. Ettinger will present the Keynote Lecture at the Kochi-Muziris. Bracha L. Ettinger is an international artist-painter, artist-theorist, psychoanalyst and philosopher working in oil-painting, drawing, photography, notebooks and. The most comprehensive museum exhibition in the United States so far of artist and theorist Bracha L. Ettinger’s work is on view at the UB.

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The Matrixial Borderspace

And the narcissus, which was grown as a lure for the flower-faced girl … Its sweet fragrance spread over the wide skies above. He seized her against her will, put ehtinger on his golden chariot. And the narcissus, which was grown as a lure for the flower-faced girl ….

Her son Itai was born in Time is the Breath of the Spirit. Ettinger, “From Proto-ethical Compassion to Responsibility: It is quite possible that many artworks carry subjective traces by their creators, but the specificity of works of art is that their materiality cannot be detached from ideas, perceptions, emptions, consciousness, cultural meaning and that being interpreted and reinterpreted is their cultural etginger.

She had suggested that pre-natal impressions, connected to the phantasmatic and traumatic real of the pregnant becoming-mother, are trans-inscribed in the emerging subject and form the primary phase and position of the human psyche.

Her artistic practice and her articulation, sinceof what has become known as the matrixial theory of trans-subjectivity have transformed contemporary debates in contemporary art, psychoanalysis, women’s studies, and cultural studies. So too the chuming mass of the salty sea. Francesca Woodman and Bracha L. In his Eighth Duino Elegy Rilke laments the primary dispossession of the human; irreparably cleft from the womb the human subject gazes outward and is forever poised in an attitude of spectatorship towards the world: She considers any practice of archaic-motherhood blaming as an obstacle, as “hystericizing” and even momentarily “psychoticizing” in the sense of leading to internal splits rather than recognition of differences, when such “cause” is brought as “explanation” by the analyst, a “cause” attributed to the unremembered early period of life where I and non-I are transconnected.


And in the paintings we rendezvous with the murderous Medusa as a serpentine flower of animating breath and the owl as a herald for dusk as dawn. Over the last thirty years Bracha Ettinger has been developing an important body of art and theory that radically re-paints, and re-thinks, the feminine, the subject, aesthetics and ethics.

Bracha L. Ettinger

Matrix – Family Album Series, n. Here amongst, what I propose to call, a cosmic eco-ontology we find paint as colour-light nestling amidst creaturely figures and botanic becomings: Ettinger – And My Heart Wound-space. She calls for a delicate process of differentiation, coemergence, and cofading between the generations, especially in analysing the same-sex daughter-mother, son-father relationships, with emphasize on transmission, not split.

Even though she was still based mainly in Paris, Ettinger was visiting professor btacha and then research professor — in psychoanalysis and aesthetics at the School of Fine Art, History of Art bracna Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds.

She returned to Israel in and worked at Shalvata Hospital. It is worked-through accordingly without therapist’s father-blaming, and without a resulting father-hate.

She is also a etinger, psychoanalyst and writer.

Flammarion and Centre G. All published bfacha — see list of recent publications. Ettinger on launch of Fascinance: Rent from the blossoming bower of the meadow and swept up into the arms of Hades, she is transported to live amongst the shades of the Dead in the Underworld until Demeter comes to claim her so that the daughter can return to live on earth for six months of the year.


The Space of Carriance” In: Maison de France, Hebrew University, Jerusalem Her more recent artistic and theoretical work centers around the spiritual in art and ethics.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, In Ophelia, Medusa nos.

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Bracha L. Ettinger – Artforum International

And the name of the truth it carries for me, as it transpires and inspires, is beauty. Ettinger, “Matrixial Trans-subjectivity” in: Theory arising from artistic practice can plait this re-conceived feminine into representation, language and thought through aesthetic means, through the symbologenic device of the artist.

She returned to Israel in and worked at Shalvata Hospital. Please help by adding reliable sources. Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger Hebrew: Bracha asks us to reconsider art and the feminine as Love: The knowledge revealed in this way, of the invisible chords to which our senses are not yet attuned, is at the basis of the ethical obligation to attend to the vulnerability of the other, human, animal, and even our shared earth, through care and compassion and in wonder and reverence.