While I was reading the article ” The Bothersome of Pigeons”, I found myself getting very lost in the words because I was confused on to why. The Bothersome Beauty of Pigeons. When I began to read this essay, one think that my eye caught onto was his attention to detail. He did a. “The Bothersome Beauty of Pigeons” In the essay, “The Bothersome Beauty of They are much like the pigeons, and there seems to be a war against both the.

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Pigeons would seem to qualify.

Bothersome beauty pigeons essay

The main idea is that while pigeons can be a nuisance they are beautiful animals and we as humans cannot overlook their beauty. To keep readers interested in a research essay, it is important to present the information in an interesting way.

Instead of dry facts they should be presented in a new way that makes a person think about what is being said. I could also tell an anecdote about what I am writing about to show that it has real life relevance and is important to lear about.


Also relatr the fact to other things such as Ballenger did by telling us how much money London spends on cleaning up pigeon poop. It was different in many ways from how I would approach a research paper.

Ballenger uses “I” many times in his paper and also incorporates a lot of anecdotes. He also doesn’t just give facts but more incorporates the facts into a story he is telling.

“The Bothersome Beauty of Pigeons”- Bruce Ballenger

His writing makes the research paper more interesting to read because I feel like he is telling me an interesting story rather than me feeling like I am reading boring facts.

His paper makes me question how I was taught to write research papers in middle school and high school.

Despite trying to make them interesting, those papers were very bland and this paper is enlightening and I actually learned. I learned more from this research paper than most research papers i borhersome read.


Bothersome beauty pigeons essay | Term paper Academic Service

The interesting format makes things stick rather than trying to remember fact after fact. I related to the essay as well.

Pigeons gross me out a little because I feel like they are dirty beeauty they are very beautiful animals. When i was younger i would chase them around trying to catch one so I understand where the author is coming from. I learned a lot of random information about pigeons but not that much about myself.

Ballenger’s ideas about our longing to get close to animals inorder for us to get back to nature did really interest me. The main idea is that while pigeons can be a nuisance they are beautiful animals and we as humans cannot overlook their beauty 4. Posted by Leah Marie Stevens at Pigeonns Post Older Post Home.