page and open the appropriate document by using the front navigation button. • The latest on Cybook Opus device: Visit Bookeen web site at . Research and compare Bookeen’s Cybook Opus to other ebook readers. Watch video demos. Find where to get new and free ebooks for Cybook Opus. Bookeen Cybook Opus: A simple ereader with support for open formats, the Opus is light, easy to use and stylish, and our only concern is that.

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I think that if they made it cheaper, it would have one of the top places in the market. It takes 5 hours for a full charge. I decided that I will not read.

They now estimate it at “2 weeks” like numerous other readers. Customers also viewed these items. Bookee make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. It’s just that little bit smaller than most of the other ereaders out there, which is why I chose it. The K3 is the biggest and heaviest, although not by much.

I hope, for you guys, because I already bought mine!

Cybook Opus Review – Bookeen’s 5″ eBook Reader

cybiok Views Read Edit View history. You can add your own fonts. You can also copy your data in a Micro SD card and plug it fybook the Opus Micro SD slot, the stored content will automatically appear Multi-Format Support Different kinds of documents can be found on the Internet or can be generated by text editors.

Basically, the battery would never last more than about 1. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you’d rather your device support MOBI files you can go with Mobipocket and choose fromtitles on their website. It supports most formats but reading pdf without reflow is a nightmare, so I suggest you don’t even try that.

Cybook Opus

The 12 Levels of font size give an amazing amount of control allowing the user to cygook that perfect size. This technology drastically reduces power needs. The Cybook Opus is marketed as a pocket-sized ebook reader.


The difference is most noticeable in dim light, where I can still easily read the K3, the PRS to a lesser degree and the Opus requiring a clip-on light. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Officially you can make 8, page turns, in real-life terms you will have from two to three weeks of use between charges.

Amazon’s discontinued Kindle Voyage e-reader has never been cheaper. You can organize the folders onto a memory card and the order stays how you want it.

Page Turning and Start-up Time Start-up time is a little slower than with other eReaders; taking around 15 seconds. It ppus a Lithium Polymer Li-Polymer rechargeable and replaceable, unlike other devices battery, with a battery lifetime of 8, page flips.

Bookeen Cybook Opus – eBook reader – 1 GB – 5″

Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. I chose the opus after weeks of looking around.

Micro SD card slot allowing several thousand titles to be stored. For those that don’t want the feature, it can be turned off from the menu. O;us want to be able to read them as they are or convert them myself locally. The E Ink display technology is thus energy efficient and drastically reduces power consumption Optimized Form Factor The Opus dimensions are very close to the ones of a paperback.

See All Buying Options.

Start-up time is a little slower than with other eReaders; taking around 15 seconds. There are many different stores now selling EPUB ebooks. Bookeen recently updated the firmware and added several color options for the Opus: In addition, you can transfer all those free eBooks found cybiok the Gutenberg project or manybooks.

I received this item very soon and it was brand new.

: Customer reviews: Bookeen Cybook Opus e-Book Reader – OPEN BOX

Bookeen Cybook Opus accessories. What I did is I eliminated all the. It also does not have Wi-Fi access, text-to-speech support nor the possibility of listening to music while reading. The Opus screen is viewable under a wide range of lighting conditions, including direct sunlight, and possesses a paper-like high contrast appearance. For some reason though perhaps a limitation of bkokeen Adobe software the lpus style on EPUB documents cannot be changed.


The instructions booklet is very basic, but there’s lots of info on the internet – and really, you don’t really need to know much more than the bookedn. There are a number of organizational options and ways to sort ebooks, such as file type, author, title, date, etc. Yes, it only has a few shades of grey, when some more advanced models have 16, but I assure you that what it has is perfectly OK for reading although it probably would need more shades to see pictures or comics – but, again, I bought it to read text, not as a picture viewer – for this I have a good PC screen, thank you – You can choose from 12 font sizes, you can embolden the text if the lighting is not very good, so that it becomes more cynook, clear and visible.

Comes with a great hard slip-case, giving protection to the reader while keeping the device lightweight during reading. Bookeen philosophy is to support natively i. Easy to read, little glare. Amazon is having a one-day sale on both its cyhook Paperwhite e-reader and the entry-level Kindle.

All the controls change to bolkeen the orientation, and behave as a user would expect – whichever page button is “top” or “right” will go to the next page, and the “bottom” or “left” button will go to the previous page, no matter which way around you hold the Opus. This display allows for reading under a number of different lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

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