GM Andras Adorjan tells of the origins of his thesis — Black is OK. 84 Some Novelties 86 More Novelties 1 03 Lajos Portisch: BLACK IS OK if s(he) finds the right lines! 1 09 Statistics on Andras Adorjan’s Games 1 14 No Dogmas . Has anybody here ever read Andras Adorjan’s “Black is OK” (late 80s), “Black is Still Ok” (early ‘s), “Black is OK Forever” (), and his.

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Nov 8, 6.

If the game is drawn with both players making the best moves from the starting position, then BLACK can glack possibly have any problems if he plays well. Game analyses were based on the presupposition that White is better.

I wonder if those are the same ebooks offered by Bookup. I didn’t get too far for a while.

Do it while you still can! And this company Quality Chess is like the pusher man, for me. I was lucky to have the chance to soothe her suffering in her last hours a little ko, doing some penance while she was still alive. Kick-off and the right to launch the first attack are not as important as this.

GrandMaster Square >>> Black is OK from GM Andras Adorjan

Not that anybody told me anything nasty – but it was in the air, and I could smell it. That’s why you should never ask for whom the bell tolls.

Moreover, it is common knowledge in the art of war that your troops must outnumber the enemy several times if you want to occupy some enemy position, territory or high ground. I have the impression that White has the better score everywhere. Then I took to jotting down the theoretical subjects in which I’d ever had an original idea most of them had already been successfully tried in practice, I even had followers in some cases, including top players on slips of paper.


Wikimedia Italia added it Dec 31, Shall we accept a drab, meaningless existence where animalistic?

Like right now, for me, that’s the Quality Chess Puzzle Book. And, last but not least, it is also important whose knowledge of that specific variation is deeper, that is, who is more familiar with the spirit of the position. So Newton did not discover anything new; he gave an original and correct interpretation of a well-known phenomenon. Well, this is a serious case” – the doctor wrinkled his forehead. There’s no point in blaming one another; although the human race is extremely diverse, our imperfection is still the same: Shall we then accept our limitations with resignation, and despair of our pretensions to change, to make things change, or to make things better?

It might help me a lot if I was well-versed in law, but perhaps it would also make my argumentation bloody boring. I respect your grounded approach here on this site. Qf8so Nc6, d6 or e6 are considered the best options. But my personal disappointment – which would come quite unexpected to me!

Are You prejudiced in any way, dear reader?

It’s completely different to hear about an earthquake or a flood killing people. White wins Draw Black wins 3.

Black Is OK, or the presumption of innocence in the Game of Chess

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. My thesis is that in chess, the extra tempo can have some significance only if the position acquires blaci symmetric character. But it is still rather like someone vaccinating himself with BLACK pox, then with the serum he has invented, and surviving.


So, for example, aside from the Quality Chess Puzzle Book, right now, I’m reading the following 4 books: Those speaking about the death of chess, and computers, and the information boom, hlack all that jazz, are parroting half-truths.

Black Is Still OK!

Been in a drought, falling to aboutand just blck got it back up to Nowadays there are attempts at some tournaments to make people fight and avoid quick draws; nevertheless, most adorman play chess with the White pieces, and try to get their draw as BLACK! The statistics of these tournaments concerning wins and losses with BLACK and white is also interesting.

This is the difference between human beings and computers. Nobody has ever won a chess game without his opponent making some kind of mistake. Unfortunately, I did not have the healthy, down-to-earth approach that helps to avoid exaggerations, so I overdid it iss fell for the other extreme. So I skip down further, and see that 1. Stevev marked it as to-read Dec 05, Like Morphy and Fischer Alpha Zero is done.