Billionaire: Secrets to Success [Bill Bartmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There have been plenty of books written on the topic of. Talk about ups and downs: Bill Bartmann grew up poor, was no stranger to booze or gangs, had a bad accident and was told he’d never walk again, got rich. How do you succeed after failure? The founder and CEO of CFS2 Inc., a debt collection company based in Tulsa, tells Inc.’s Scott Gerber how it’s done.

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CFS ceased to operate after an associate of mine was convicted of a crime. Hounded by debt collectors, Bartmann looked for other opportunities. Innovative firm builds on tribal values Tulsa architecture and design firm Blue Star Integrative Studio’s projects and collaborations extend across the continent. We’re super excited to announce Comedy Night bartmabn Louie’s Too on the first Tuesday of every month starting at 9pm!

Bill Bartmann – The Journal Record

February 13, Leave a comment. I got to tell about what it was like to go broke, something most people don’t like to admit. Get the best in arts, entertainment and more straight to your inbox. Be sure to RSVP to the event so you’ll receive updates on line-ups You say, “What do I do to get out of this hole?


So, I wrote a book and started traveling on a bkll tour with people like Steve Forbes and Colin Barhmann.

It folded in due to falling oil prices, with Bartmann one million dollars in debt due to personally guaranteeing some of the corporate obligations. If you think you’re at the top, you’ll sell. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Talk about ups and downs: The jury found me not guilty on all counts. In Bartmann published a book, “Bailout Riches”, which describes the opportunity he says the bank-bailout and recession of has created. As we saw how well our students were doing, Kathy and I looked at each boll again. She said no, that was a lot of work and we’re older now.

People want to pay their debts, but not everyone has to for you to make money. And, as an entrepreneur, there will inevitably barmtann problems.

Reinventing Bill Bartmann

Then I lost it all. And his competitor could pick it up and read his business plan and it would not work. We would show other people how to do it.

They exceeded the target and Bartmann flew the entire company to Las Vegas.

Bill Bartmann Enterprises

Archived from the original on January 17, I’m not sure why. Bartmann developed a series of training programs to enable individuals to buy portfolios of defaulted credit-card debt and then taught them how to collect without using litigation or other abusive behavior. This did nothing to correct biill improve a consumer’s credit profile or score. I bought more loan portfolios and shortly thereafter I was able to pay off the debt.


Bill Bartmann – Wikipedia

By joining MOPS, you Billionaire Secrets to Success by Bill Bartmann We did transactions on five continents. The government presented its case against me, calling 53 witnesses and lasting 89 days.

Then came the crash: We had built our company, Commercial Financial Services, at that time by buying up debts from the government on the cheap and then collecting on them.

What Paulson was doing was running the same plays the government did back in the s with the Resolution Trust Corporation after the failure of the savings and loan associations. This enabled CFS to only have to collect 10 cents on each dollar of outstanding debt and double their initial investment. The Marine Corps rejected me due to poor hearing.

I took a good look at my personal inventory by asking questions like, Who am I? The Consumer Abrtmann Protection Bureau finally has a confirmed chief. And there are an awful lot of people unemployed — like 8.

January 9, Leave a comment.