Battle Cry has ratings and reviews. Matthew said: This book is for the Marine Corps what Tales of the South Pacific was for the Navy: a great. Battle Cry is the riveting Marine epic by the bestselling author of such classics as Trinity and ExodusOriginally published in , Leon Uris’s Battle Cry is the. It’s terrific: Perhaps there is less searching for the beast in man than in The Naked and the Dead, less uncovering of basic disillusions than in.

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They fall in love with women of varying types, stumble over obstacles, and sometimes they make it and sometimes they don’t.

The style is similar to James Jones. Image size per photo cannot exceed 10 MB. This book is a personal favorite of mine.

User Reviews

While recuperating from malaria in San Francisco, he met Betty Beck, a Marine sergeant; they married in Been too many years, I need to go back and re-read this. Not even Whitmore throwing punches or Heflin doing grizzle can save this from being below average.

When the Tab Hunter character takes a sip of the first cocktail he’s ever had, he’s surprised at how pleasant it cdy. Many veterans have said how frightening they actually are because they tell the tale of battle so well. The comments by Mr. It is said that the book involved two years of research, and involved thousands of interviews.


Whether you like it or not that was the real way it batyle then. I never heard of “pogy bait” before or after I was in the military. This is, in my opinion, Leon Uris’ best book, and a must-read for those who would attempt to understand the proud, spartan ethos of the Unoted States Marine Corps. A fast read, gave a good first hand account of war, pain, relationships. At the climax of the book, when they really are on the front line, things get real.


In one scene, L Q Jones has a fever of Hris book I read years ago. Apr 26, Tim Ganotis rated it really liked it. I loathe “Rambo” and the rest. Thank you for rating this Product. It is an inspiring and sometimes tragic story of arguably America’s proudest fighting force and the dedicated, courageous, and vulnerable men who filled it’s ranks. Approved by the US military. Marines in leeon Pacific. Looks like Warner Bros.

BATTLE CRY by Leon Uris | Kirkus Reviews

The book’s description of boot camp and the lustiness of the marines pulled no punches at all. Then again, a little Malone skin went a long way. It’s only beyond this circus of lovely attractions that you find the nice clean, orderly, middle class residential districts whose patriarchs and matriarchs don’t want you in their neighborhood – and want your battls or Marine or soldier ass far away from their young daughters or their smart-assed college kid sons.

He then went to Warner Brothers in Hollywood helping to write the movie, which was extremely popular with the public, if not the critics. I know them leob well that they are like family to me.


Battle Cry () – Battle Cry () – User Reviews – IMDb

Alert on more product reviews. The IMDb ratings shown for this film highlight the different values taken by men and women. I don’t mean any disrespect. For other uses of Battle Crysee Battle Cry disambiguation. Some of the ‘liberty’ scenes are pretty good. It contained passages that were thrilling, funny and outrageous.

Right from the start the title suggests heroism and a great deal of fighting in this second world war drama. I battl the way Uris shows how a large group of men from som many different ways of life–who might never have connected but for the war–come to depend on one another.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Perhaps there is leoon searching for the beast in man than in The Naked and the Dead, less uncovering of basic disillusions than in From Here to Eternity, less integration of plot and character than in The Caine Mutiny, but indubitably it shares some of the greatness of each.

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