Alankars bansuri – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Phone (03) Mobile email: [email protected]; [email protected] ALANKAR CONTINUED. 8. SA MA – RE PA – GA DHA – MA. Here I explain and demonstrate some of the techniques used on the bansuri to make the music sound more beautiful. I have included some videos to.

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When a cluster of notes played very fast and with force to decorate or embellish another note, it is called a khatka or gitkari. For example, you may mix and match ascent and descent i.

If you skip a days practice too its result will be seen the next day and you personally would feel the difference. If you carefully study Alankaars shown in tables above, you will realize alanakrs they have certain building blocks[1]. It is difficult to produce and requires a lot of practice. It takes some practice both of the instrument and that of the mental mathematics, but it is important that you move away from writing down articulations before you play.

You literally tap the hole of the note – on and off very quickly. The concept of Alankaars helps certainly with getting command over the instrument. Meend is when you go from one note to the other, for example from Ni to Sa in a sliding motion with your finger. Here I explain and demonstrate some of the techniques used on the bansuri to make the music sound more beautiful.


In the video below I demonstrate gamak. You can then add more complexity to the pattern or work on a new pattern. You will also notice that your thinking in producing these patterns alanakrs your mind becomes faster.

Practicing Scales

So always be in touch of this instrument. It is produced on the slankars in a similar way to the meend technique. Andrew Ktori 21 April at You can print it after you get your copy. In Western Classical music, for example, a piece may have been composed by Bach or Mozart and is rendered on an instrument by Classical instrumentalists. Can you hear how it separates the note?


You can also try saying other clusters of letters to ornament your music like: In part 3, I play a small piece which includes some gamak in normal playing. You might think that its not important or you might even ignore it, thats why i am telling you that please say the surs in you mind while you are playing on the flute alongside.

This is done in 2 ways; 1. Try it absolutely for free for first 15 day. This alankar should be first practiced time initially and before you start any session this can be used for warm up.

Like a khatka, it is once again a cluster of notes, used to embellish the landing note. Alankaars are also known as paltas. You go to heavier and more complex exercises after you feel comfortable with the basic exercises.


Thank you for this daily practice. Lastly, you may also try to combine these articulations with one another. Unknown 31 March at Notice how the music is continuous.

Your fingers should glide over the Bansuri. Unknown 8 September at I have included some videos to demonstrate these, banauri please note that they are not perfect and I am still working very hard on all the techniques myself.

The video is in 3 parts. Another type of tonguing technique which is often used at the end of a composition is: Prashanth Kumar 8 July at Alankars help you to set your fingers right and for fast movement of your fingers.

What distinguishes murki is that it is played relatively slowly and softly in comparison to khatka and zamzama which are more forceful, however it will be played faster than the main notes. Convention used in this table is to denote notes in lower octave with a comma i.

You will always depend on this blog or somewhere else to read the alankar first and then play it you wont be able to play it by yourself. While playing, please say the surs in your mind also.