Get this from a library! Elektronika i automatika. [Svetislav Šiler] Publisher: Beograd: Tehnička knjiga, Series: Biblioteka Tehniku mladima. Bozicevic, J., Temelji automatike, Sustavno glediste i automatika, automatsko reguliranje, (in Croatian), Skolska knjiga, Zagreb, 7. Izdanje, UDK ( ). Automatika: journal for control, measurement, electronics, computing and BTS Knjiga Trgovina. 3. Automatika Automatika by Jugoslavenski savez za ETAN.

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Automatija architecture and organization of computer systems. Introduction to Pattern Recognition. The Fifth Generation Computer Architecture. Collection of solved problems in computer architecture and organization.

Two-tier image annotation model based on a multi-label classifier and fuzzy-knowledge representation scheme. De-identification for privacy protection in multimedia content: A knowledge-based multi-layered image annotation system. A model of fuzzy spatio-temporal knowledge representation and reasoning based on high-level Petri nets. TeMAS – a multi-agent system for temporally rich domains.


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A multimodal hand-based verification system with an aliveness-detection module. Qualitative Modelling and Analysis of Animal Behaviour. Multimodal biometric user-identification system for network-based applications. Determining the absolute orientation in a corridor using projective geometry and active vision.

Some unusual experiments with PCA-based palmprint and face recognition. LNCS ; – journal article. An Approach to Autonomous Robot Navigation. Multispectral classification of landsat TM images by neural networks.

Knowledge Representation scheme for Block world Scenes. Knowledge representation schemas for computer visionsystems and 2-D patern recognition. Processor Hierarchy in Pattern Recognition systems.

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Processor model for processing and image recognition. Taxonomy of parallelism and processor models for 2-d pattern processing.

aautomatika Microprocessor classifier for numerical symbols based on net of memory LSI components. The overview of the activity Privacy protection in multimedia contents. University of Zagreb, Croatia, Luis Magdalena Layos, editor s.

Pierre Borne, editor s. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Bulgarian Chapter of ACM, The International Conference on Computer as a Tool. Inteligentni sustavi ; sv. Union of Automation and Informatics, University of Malaga, Biometrics on the Internet. Biometrics automagika the Internet: Fundamentals, Advances and Applications.

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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, The Advent of Biometrics on the Internet: Fundazione Ugo Bordini, Lecture Notes in Computer Science ; Vol.


W ; Watson, I. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, University Computing Centre, ERK ‘ ; Vol. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, ISAS ’98 ; Vol.

International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, University Computing Center, IEEE Slovenia section, Slovenska sekcija IEEE, Jahrestagung der Oesterreichische Gesellschaft fuer Biomedizinische Technik. Knowledge Representation in Robot Vision Systems Predmet Biometric-based Security Systems Lecturer in charge Computer and Robot Vision Lecturer in charge Research seminar in information processing 1 Lecturer in charge Research seminar in information processing autimatika Lecturer in charge Research seminar in information processing 3 Lecturer in charge Research seminar in information processing 4 Automatikw in charge Research seminar in information processing 5 Lecturer in charge Research seminar in information processing 6 Lecturer in charge.

Scientific conference papers with international peer-review.