Tagged with Sangean ATSA. Guest Post: Revisiting the Realistic DX RadioShack ad for the Realistic DX Many thanks to SWLing. SANGEAN. MODEL: ATSA. World Band Receiver. Har noe. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Page 2. 5 6. 78 9. 8. &. ・. にしの』. A good friend of mind persuaded me to get the new up and coming radio company Sangean, and the new ATSA for $ then. So, I went that route and.

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SSB is available through use of a bfo which can be tricky but is able to be used with a light touch to cut the warbly voices into clear speech Overall not found new anymore but if you paid less than a One of the best portables ever made! No problem though, as on AM it pulls in everything well so far. However, I was anxious to pair the DX with the Realistic amplified antenna that I had picked up years ago at an auction.

Sangean ATS 803a PLL Shortwave World Band Receiver Radio

This is one of the few portables that 803q had a real rf gain not just a local dx switch. I set another alarm. I hate tone controls. Radio Shack’s version was the DX It has performed solidly over all that time. I usually use a foot longwire antenna when I listen to ate, and this time would be no exception. I have not found a radio that feels as well made, is as sensitive and overall as useful as this one.


Anyone else have any experience with this model?

Tweaking up the preamp on my homebrew loop overcame that problem though. I finally got my digital receiver in the form of the Realistic DX from my parents one Christmas. I bought the first one new in and it served me well for many years and I did a few mods to it but they aren’t fireproof.

So, I went that route and don’t regret it one bit. The usual battery connector problem and a dirty encoder were the only problems and easily fixed. That, and the 3VDC for memory with two AA batteries would only last for 6 months, then batteries tended to leak if you forgot about them.

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Spread the radio love. This item doesn’t belong on this page. While a radio like the Tecsun PL offers newer technology and the addition of an excellent synchronous detector, the DX holds its own against the newer technology. The time now is I wanted to use the preselector function of the amplified antenna as well as the actual amplifier in order to maximize my ability to pull in distant stations.

I have owned mine for a very very long time, maybe since it was new. Being so sensitive for a portable, it picked up any noise out there. I could never be for sure, though, because my unit was not equipped to decode those signals.


AS i say, good in its day, if i saw one cheap i woudl be ays, but time has passed it by.

ATSA Radio Sangean; Chung Ho City, build –

83a I had snagged myself a honey of a bargain! It has a good strong audio using the internal speaker. I have owned one of these since ‘s and both never gave me a problem.

I’ve had ‘ beverage antennas connected to mine! I have great memories of the A.

My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. Defunked it, and cleaned the scratchy slide volume, bass, treble and balance controls and then added some batteries ate it works like a charm. People who bought this also bought.

Sangean A/Radio Shack DX Product Reviews

Contact the site with comments or questions. It said it would be days for delivery, but it was at my house in 3!

No it’s not an Icom or a Drake or a Kenwood,but if you want budget dx’ing that is the best, pick up this radio. I have owned a dx since and have used it extensively. No weak audio here.

It’s best to power this radio with a transformered 9VDC mA wallwart, since switching power supplies will be heard with this portable. At least not for DX’ing anyway. Signal handling is very good.