Arwana Super Red Kalbar. 9 likes. Pet Supplies. Contact Arwana Super Red Kalbar on Messenger. Highlights info row image. Pet Supplies. People. 9 likes. Here are the characteristics of Arwana Super Red fish below, let me not misunderstand: The body color of Arowana by nurilsejati. gambar ikan arwana super red Dragon Fish, Red Dragon, Water Life, Rednecks, AKUARIUM UNIK: Cara Membedakan Arwana Banjar Red, Golden Red, dan.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Scleropages formosus. It appears that you already have a Toluna account. If we wish our arowana to grow beautifully, we must take extensive care of the fish during its growing phase.

Morphologic and genetic evidences”. In yellow-tailed specimens, the fin membranes are yellowish with dark-grey rays. All strains are probably endangered, but some notably the super red and red-tailed golden more critically than others.

ARWANA SUPER RED – what a fish!!

In juveniles, the darker the dorsal colouration, the deeper the red will be on maturity. Second, each specimen receives an implanted microchipcalled a passive integrated transponder, which identifies individual animals.


International Union for Conservation of Nature. You can too by signing up now! Genetic fingerprinting has been used to assess the genetic diversity of a captive population at a Singapore fish farm to improve the management of this species. awana

shelookRED – super red arowana specialist

Share your opinions with the world. Genetic studies have confirmed this hypothesis, showing the ancestor of the Asian arowanas diverged from the ancestor of the Australian arowanas, S. Retrieved from ” https: The name ‘dragonfish’ stems from their resemblance to the Chinese dragon.

This reputation derives from the species’ resemblance to the Chinese dragonconsidered an auspicious symbol. Sign Up Sign in.

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First, fish farms provide each buyer with a certificate of authenticity and a birth certificate. Prepared foods include prawns shrimplean pork, frozen fish food, and pelleted food.

The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology: Shin Min Daily News. After the eggs are fertilized, the Asian arowana exhibits great parental care with paternal mouthbrooding. Mature red-tailed golden arowanas have brilliant metallic gold lateral scales, gill coversbellies, and pectoral and pelvic fin membranes, although the back is dark.


Reconnect now Disconnect my Facebook account for now. Integrated Taxonomic Information System. However, habitat loss is likely a greater threat than aquarium collecting.

They are territorial and may be kept with other Scleropages only in a very large aquarium, provided all fish are of similar size. Asian arowanas bear teeth on many bones of the mouth, including the jaws, vomer, palatines, pterygoids, parasphenoid, and tongue. If you need high quality red or any question about arowana don’t hesitate to contact us! Scleropages macrocephalus Pouyaud et al. Search results for Osteoglossum formosum. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Aquarists recommend live foods and meaty prepared foods. It require passion and loving heart to keep an arowana. Aquarium Sciences and Conservation. No recent evaluation of conservation status has been done by the IUCN.