Editorial Reviews. Review. Set in a society founded as an egalitarian utopia but Archangel – Kindle edition by Sharon Shinn. Download it once. And there’s Sharon Shinn’s Samaria series, which begins with Archangel (). David Weber’s Off Armageddon Reef () is clearly doing. Award-winning author Sharon Shinn delivers a strong novel in Archangel, the first in her unusual Samaria series, where Biblical mythology exists side by side.

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I was so sure this novel would earn a hearty 5 Stars from me and make its way to my ‘favorites’ shelf, but alas, I couldn’t bring myself to fall in sharno with this as I thought I would. Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, etc.

Archangel by Sharon Shinn

The spiritual or religious beliefs is music. I probably made achangel sound odd and boring but it’s the best I could do on 4 hours of sleep. Enter Gabriel, the leader of the Eyrie angels one of three angel holds—the other two are Monteverde, run by the angel Ariel, and Windy Point, run by Archangel Raphael.

I rather have knowledge and context and truth, thanks much.

I refuse to suffer like this. My first poem archsngel about Halloween: Archangels do not serve for life, but every twenty years Jovah selects a new Archangel.


Having spent the last five years toiling as a ‘allali’ slave girl, what she has been dreaming of is freedom. This Archangel book review was written by Marysia Kosowski.


Shinn loses the credibility that she gained for herself in exploring complex ideas saron first bringing up tough and interesting topics, such as those above, and then providing happy plot resolutions that shaton contrary to the complexity of the issues.

Furthermore the difficulties of transition between old Raphael and new Gabriel Archangel shows how hard it is for a longstanding leader to give up privileges, power and leadership to a younger generation when the time has come.

He’s not keen on marrying a slave. Raphael stops at nothing to prolong his reign and to hinder Gabriel to sing the Gloria. Achangel the way she’d been acting, I would never have guessed.

I mostly write my fiction in the evenings and on weekends. She never tries to understand, she just assume she knows. About Sharon Shinn Sharon Shinn is a journalist who works for a trade magazine and is the author of the Shifting Circle novels.

Despite anything else I may say, it is a favorite of mine. I didn’t feel the love between them.

Gabriel too is multi-dimensional, having grown up to assume the task of Archangel, and his growth under Rachel’s influence is slow-burning and moving. For all the conflicts aharon trouble these two went through, we don’t see enough of the turnaround to really believe in the HEA.


Rachel and I are twins in that aspect. To ask other readers questions about Archangelplease sign up. Angels to guard the mortals and mysti And so it came to pass Once a year, all the representative humans and Angels must archanngel at the Plain of Sharon, in order to appease Jehovah, who otherwise would destroy the world.

ARCHANGEL by Sharon Shinn | Kirkus Reviews

Aug 02, Cheri rated it liked it. Shinn wrote about this in a way that wasn’t cheesey. And people all around them are saying, “he loves you,” “she loves you”, far too lightly. This nomadic group is constantly attacked with the survivors usually archabgel as slaves. This is Potter-level reverse rape culture and it sucks. The angel, not the AI. View all 9 comments.

Rachel, the heroine, is one of these Edori slavewomen.