To bring a little variety here, I will read (or re-read: I have GM´ed this game) an old favourite of mine: Aquelarre! To bring a little context here. Stewart Wieck is raising funds for AQUELARRE — the dark The third adventure we’ll include in our full-color edition is a solitaire adventure. Unofficial community for Aquelarre, the AQUELARRE — the dark . giving it the new look of Aquelarre’s spanish third edition to the book, but.

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Dexterity ended up with Aim top half of body and Balance bottom half of body — I’m sure a house ruling where Aim covers or is replaced by Precision-based functions zquelarre work.


They just need to send a simple email subject: And there is no era of calamities in Europe that is greater than the one that is to come in a few years. But in my heart of heart I dream of an In Nomine conversion Questions about this project?

Now that Aquellarre just picked my Pendragon 5.

We’ll also include a PDF of the “Brevarium”. Last edited by Mercator; at Lester believes these represent the game well. The mechanics are BRP-based and, while not being particularly remarkable, do aquelxrre job well.

Please see Update 4 for pictures of the colors of the two dice we are printing. This is an English-language edition featuring the artwork from the 3gd Spanish translation. Yes, Rationality and Irrationality definitely sounds like the paired as in, as one goes up, the other must go down coupling of Sanity and Mythos Knowledge in Call of Cthulhu.


Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. It’s a market with its own confusing expectations, isn’t it?

I am intrigued by Aquelarre (rpg from Spain) – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Rituals of faith depend upon a high Rationality instead. But if I were to promote the game, I’d sell up what I thought were the easily accessible mechanics. I believe the reason is because backing a project requires a retailer to put aside precious capital.

We appreciate your support as every dollars puts us closer to our goal and helps to spread the word. I am intrigued by Aquelarre rpg from Spain Quote: I have a solution: And may even the Devil remain silent While we will have to patiently editikn for the english edition of Aquelarre to steer clear of the pebbles on the road, those able to enjoy the original spanish one will be pleased with a handful of incoming titles.

I hope it sees an English translation. Monks copy manuscripts silently in their cold monastery rooms. I hope all of these potential fans find our Kickstarter project!

Aquelarre RPG [in English] – Google+

Without fail, the retailer-only reward levels fail to generate more than a handful of backers that may happen here too, but I hope for your help! How amazing it would be to have an In Nomine production line deal with all those epic past ages: So, if you backed the english version, know for sure that its roots are deep and sound.

We’ll total the pledges made at these levels counting each “Merchant” twice as it includes two copies and compare that total to our stretch goal numbers. Carts full of corpses slide through the muddy streets of a deserted city.

At White Wolf we embraced quality games that often had a darker aspect, including translations such as the German game Engel. And just run aaquelarre few missions based on mortal humans and their struggles, before introducing the aliens with mind-blowing powers.


Translate Show original text. Sit in circle now that the edittion is warm and the breeze is soft, under the cooing of fruit trees and the courtyard fountain, becase it’s time to tell stories. I hope this was useful, M.

Almost 25 years since it was first released in Spain, Aquelarre “Coven” finally receives an English translation. This is seriously scary stuff. Three of the 12 different Aquelarre art cards.

Relatively speaking, what these young people did was to roleplay; they narrated their stories, were amused listening them and all took turns to participate in the entertainment. We’ll will gladly continue to provide additional material for Aquelarre if there is outstanding support for the project. Originally shared by Xataka. However, it piqued my interest because the setting sounds right up my alley and very relevant to In Nomine.

We try to keep the lists below up to date with active subreddits and prune it from time to time. Page 1 of 2. Like Boccaccio’s book, our Decameron is a collection of adventures that we hope you want and can tell on your table, and although they are not one hundred, we believe they provide enough hours of fun.

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