Amanda Hocking (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · 84, ratings · 6, reviews. Switched – the first book in the Trylle Trilogy When Wendy Everly . Trylle Trilogy is a young adult paranormal series by American author Amanda Hocking. The trilogy follows the story of Wendy Everly, a year-old girl who. AMANDA HOCKING is The New York Times bestselling author of the Trylle trilogy and a lifelong Minnesotan. After selling more than a million copies of her.

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I hope I do read these books again because they were a fun way to pass the time [even though I totally finish any kind hovking book in less than a day or two] and I really like reading books over again, after I’ve read everything about them because it makes me understand the story better and understand the character’s motive for doing what they did.

Because you’re standing in front of me.

Trylle Series by Amanda Hocking

Wendy and Finn ever can, I like Tove well enough and wish that he’d establish himself as a young man who has a mind of his own and the strong will and strength to change things around him in the sequels.

The only major difference here is that the girl turns out to be one too. It was overall a fun cute book! I couldn’t get over that. She’s also a princess. Before that, she suspected that her mother had a creepy, Mrs. I will work on being less creepy then. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Second, the premise is really, really good.

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Not to mention how childish she is. Before all of the hoopla, I read a little book called Switched. Overall, I’d give this book more like a 1.


Self-published wonder turned multi-millionaire, now with multiple book deals.

I’d like to start by saying that this is my second attempt at a self published author and the first one didn’t go well. Tryllf is of the following: I absolutely love Amanda Hocking, and I had originally bought this series but let a family member borrow it.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Sooo, after finishing Switched I realized 2 things: When the children reach adulthood, Trylle trackers retrieve amanra and bring them back to the community, hopefully with a hefty trust-fund bestowed on them by their human host-parents. Alright, I don’t know if I’m just super generous with my stars or if these are really good books. It was everything I could ask for in a book, wrapped in a beautiful cover. Trivia About Switched Trylle 1.

I don’t need to love this series – heck, I never planned on reading it – so I’m not worried about being super invested ttilogy the series.

Don’t have a Kindle? I didn’t like the characters, the story, the romance, nothing. Moderate 1 F-bomb amnda a few other choice words Sexual Content: The reason I bought this series was because it was cheap at a local book store and went into reading it not really knowing what it was about; not because I was interested in the series which might be why I didn’t like it so much.

The Trylle Series : Switched, Torn, Ascend

Tove is a psychic. I couldn’t put any of the three books down. I absolutely loved this book and a little bit upset that it’s ended to be honest. The other characters are completely enjoyable, and I loved them, and their interactions with each other. They mostly look like humans except they tend to have kinkier hair, hate to wear shoes and are very picky eaters.

When her mother, Elora, yelled at her about the stupidest things, she just stood there and took it. But you can try reading the Kanin chronicles – its about the Kanin troll tribe, and some mentioning of the trylle is also there: Can you imagine how amazing this book would’ve been if it was new adult?


Hocking put together a very interesting and intriguing story. The human baby was placed in the keeping of the Trylle a troll tribe. Maybe k words and it could perhaps be classified as “engaging” but could’ve been “really fun read” with some real editing.

In the end I did like it enough to keep reading it I will continue to read the companion series but I personally couldn’t really get into the story. She can touch you and fix you. I love it all! But it’s creepy for a “motherly figure” in ANY book to try to kill a character which makes it creepy. She kind triloyy sounds like a badass at the beginning and then she turns in this whiny, please-Finn-save-me thing.

I’d say everyone at least needs to give this series a go and read the first book, as the writing is beautiful as well as the story something entirely different and new. He can see auras, though. Amanda Hocking has written some of the most epic battle scenes ever. They are trolls, and over the years, the troll population has been dwindling.

Other books in the series. Originally they were forest dwellers, far less. My two star rating really says it best I was so frustrated at times I wanted to reach into the book and shake some sense into her.