Bony to Brawny Book Alain Gonzalez PDF Free Download. Bony To Brawny Review. Welcome to Bony To Brawny Product Report. professional product analysis. A complete review of Alain Gonzalez’s “Bony To Brawny”. See why this hardgainer program based on “anabolic triggers” earns 3 of 5 stars. In no way will Alain Gonzalez or any persons associated with ” Bony to Brawny” be held responsible for any injuries or problems that may occur due to the use of .

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It was my daughter’s first birthday and all I could think about was how embarrassed and ashamed I was about all the jokes that would come from this photo.

What are these secret exercise techniques that will allow you to double your gains in half the time? This girl was Smoking HOT!

Beginners Workout Routine for Optimum Results

He said she was my type and that he thinks we would hit it off. The main ebook and its companion eating guide do go over the important points of building muscle. As you can see, I follow a very flexible diet in order to reach my fitness goals. You want to gain a little bit of weight and put on some muscle to look like bonyy man instead of a boy? A point during your exercise program where your body fails to respond. I want to bulk for the next few months and then cut.


They seemed to me to stop a little short of successfully answering all the questions that arise regarding those points.

OK, so that definitely made me sound like a nit-picky ass. A powerful anabolic nutrition trick that allows you to eat whatever you want, pack on lean muscle, and honzalez have a rock-hard and ripped six-pack to show off at the beach.

JMax Fitness Podcast: From Bony to Brawny (With Guest Alain Gonzalez) – JMax Fitness

It is very important that you keep. So how many reps should you perform to maximize mechanical stress? I got so desperate that I even hired a personal trainer at the gym I attended who promised me big results. Actual photo of gonzqlez in high-school Alain Gonzalez July 19, at 2: And finally having the self-respect you deserve….

I threw myself wholeheartedly into studying biology, nutrition, kinesiology — you name it! As you can see, I am very passionate about what this transformation did for my life.

JMax Fitness Podcast: From Bony to Brawny (With Guest Alain Gonzalez)

Multi-Joint exercises are like recruiting workers instead of And your friends… you know, the guys who used to be bigger than you…. I have been training for about 6 years and have only been able to put on very little mass. But at this point I was desperate for a solution.

This program is going to go against everything you have ever heard about building muscle. Continuing to be ignored and even laughed at by the opposite sex…. This will allow you to see accurate progress regularly. They can only tell how much tension and strain you are putting on under. Think of your pecs as a house, your triceps as a hut, and the workers as the muscle fibers.


You will turn heads in every room you walk into and be looked at as a man. So, the idea here is that the heavier you can lift, the more strain gonsalez put on your muscle — the more its forced to grow. Hot chicks gonzalex the bar will ask to squeeze your biceps The first rule is to diet properly in order to fuel your body with enough nutrients to maximize your gym performance as well as to repair broken down muscle fibers.

Is there an exercise available so that I can increase the width of my wrists? AND you will no longer have to worry about whether or not your training is yielding results as you will see noticeable changes week after week. However, this is just making matters worse because now they are giving their muscles much less time to repair and rebuild new and stronger muscle. Overall, however, I found the program a little light on unique insight. Myth 4 Lifting Heavy Weight for Low Reps Will Increase Muscle Size When weight lifting, building strength, density, or size, is triggered by the type of muscle hypertrophy you activate.