If he does not achieve this (level of love), he has not properly understood the true meaning of “La illaha ill Allah” or of tawhid or of ‘ubudiyyah or of loving Allah. Shaikhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah. Every person must have an ultimate aim which is the focus of his love and will. If a person does not have Allah as the focus of his. By: Ibn Taymiyah, Tr: Nasiruddin al-Khattab Publisher: Al-Hidaayah Paperback, pages Alternate SKU: bok, , ,

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That would have been the right course. In conclusion, therefore, we may say that slave ‘abd means the one who is enslaved by Allah and who submits and humbles himself to Him.

Product Reviews for Al-Ubudiyyah: Deals with the important subject of travelling to other then the three Masjids Masjid-ul-Haram in Makkah, Masjid-un-Nabawy in Madinah and baytul Maqdis ubudihyah Palestine in order to visit the graves of prophets and saints. Anyone who thinks that it means Allah and the believers with Him are sufficient for you is making a grave mistake.

Diseases of the Hearts and their Cures Ibn Taymiyyah.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. A Summary of the Unique The heart cannot be sound, or succeed, or find joy, or be happy, or feel pleasure, or be good, or be at peace, or find tranquility, except by worshipping its Lord, loving Him and returning to Him.

Al-Ubudiyyah: Being a True Slave of Allah

The Nature of Fasting Ibn Taymiyyah Helps the reader better understand the fine points about fasting. A believer covers up and advises [his or her fellow believers], whereas an evildoer exposes and humiliates [others]. My Life as a Palestinian Boy.

Although written over five centuries ago, his words are as relevant today as they were then, tackling the weighty issues that have always haunted mankind. Paperback Description from ubudiyyah publisher: Being a True Slave of Allah.

Drawing upon his vast knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah, he shows the Islamic answers to those questions. Come to a word that is just between us and you, that we worship none but Allah, and ubudiyuah we associate no partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as lords besides Allah. This product is no longer in stock.


Being a True Slave of Allah From the book’s back cover: Allah and His Messenger will soon give us of His bounty: Allah alone is sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs for us. When we ubudiyyah that a person is enthraled, as it ubidiyyah, by Allah, it means that he worships Allah, because enthrallment is like enslavement to the beloved. Home Library Purification of the Soul.

He can never be free of the pain and hardship of this ubudiyyag except through loving Allah sincerely, so that Allah becomes his ultimate desire and he loves Him for what He is, and he loves anyone or anything else only for His sake, and he does not love anything for its own except Allah.

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Al-‘Ubudiyyah: Being a True Slave of Allah

So it is it is for Allah and His Messenger to give, as He said: A Textbook on Orthodox Sunni Creed Shaykhu’l-Islam Ahmed ibn Taymiyyah In his own words, ‘This is an exposition of the belief of the saved group, those who are aided until the establishment of the Hour: Defines the concept of worship in Islaam and explains that to be a true “slave of Allaah” is a status of both virtue and nobility.

Even if it attains all that it can enjoy of created things, it will not feel at peace or find tranquility, because it has an inherent need for its Lord, for He is the focus of its worship, love and seeking, and this is the only way to attain joy, happiness, pleasure, peace and tranquility ….

By buying this product you can collect up to 17 loyalty points. When a person submits to another even though he dislikes him, this is not worship or enslavement: Nothing is deserving of complete love and submission except Allah. Most Read Poems What do you see when you look at me? The second type of ‘Ubudiyyah is the general one in which all creatures in the heavens and in the earth are subdued to Allah’s sovereign Authority and Power; everything is subservient to His Will, and Authority; nothing occurs or ceases to occur except by His leave; His is the Kingdom and He disposes the affairs as He pleases.


Even if it attains all that it can enjoy of created things, it will not feel at peace or find tranquility, because it has an inherent need for its Lord, for He is the focus of its worship, love and seeking, and this is the only way to attain joy, happiness, pleasure, peace and tranquility … …For if a person is helped to attain what he loves, seeks, desires and wants, but he does not worship Allah, he will never achieve anything but sorrow, regret and suffering.

Towards Islamic Psychology is a planned series of books which, drawing on the Islamic scholarly heritage, will offer practical advice rooted in the Qur’an and Sunnah, to address many psychological woes of our modern age.

The ‘amal of the heart include love for Allah, reliance upon Him, turning to Him in repentance, fearing Him, having hope in Him, devoting the Deen sincerely to Him, having patience in what He orders and forbids, having patience with His decrees and being pleased with them, having allegiance for His pleasure, having humility for Him and humbling oneself in front of Him, and becoming tranquil with Him.

Al-Ubudiyyah: Being a True Slave of Allah available at Mecca Books the Islamic Bookstore

The Outstanding Answer on Visiting the Graves: From the book’s back cover: Contact Us What’s New? Always ship fast, and great books! Ubudiygah highest degree of love is tatayyum total enthrallment.

From the book’s back cover: It comprises the slavery of the heart, tongue and limbs to Allah ta’ala. Contact Us What’s New?