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This review explains some of it. The story is a very good one, involving what are at first two seemingly unconnected plot threads. Bottom line, the book dragged and the ideas were largely derivative.

Professor Gu has to adjust to dsl new world he suddenly finds himself in as he emerged from his Alzheimer’s condition. At least the rabbit has a funny voice in the audiobook.

View all 12 comments. As you might be able to tell, Rainbows End struck a topical chord for me. My last complaint about the writing, is that if you have a character who is an award winning poet of national significance, your writing arccoiris at least be better than mediocre.

Rainbows End

In the episode on the dropping of the fel bomb, the historian talked about how the rapid introduction of aircraft prevented military leaders from understanding how to properly use them. Vinge is, as ever, too clever for his own good.

This necessitates that he goes back to school to learn to adapt to the modern world, fortunately, the medical treatment has also de-aged him to the extent that he looks like a teenager. I really didn’t know what was going to happen at least not all of it and I felt like the stakes were incredibly high.


Cameras are everywhere, both for the benefit of the consumer and the government, and everything from forklifts to buildings depend on the link between physical reality and the wireless network to function. The fact that no one drives anymore – cars are all automatic and computer controlled – makes this a great deal safer than it may sound. The setting could have supported a good story, but this wasn’t it.

finzl Cities, chambers of commerce, entertainment businesses, and groups of private individuals called belief circles can construct simple or very elaborate virtual realities which overlay the real environment, visible through a user’s contacts.

Minus the tech-speak – that means glasses which make all of London look like Ankh-Morpork, or turn Windsor Castle into Hogwarts, etc. We’re making use of these, sure, but are we doing it the right away?

Al Final Del Arcoiris by Vinge, Vernor

The “just in time training” seems a simple variant that certainly goes back to Gibson’s Johny Mnemonic and probably all the way to Flowers for Algernon. The one where a Rip van Winkle figure is cured of Alzheimer’s and has to figure out how to live in the future, and apparently gets involved in some sort of plot involving mind control technology.

It’s just not a very good one either. I hate the implication that if he has changed, she has some sort of obligation to forgive him. These realities can be just better looking versions of the real world, such as a city with nicer looking buildings, better views, fuller and healthier trees, etc. Consider, for example, that the same weapons used in the American revolutionary war were essentially the same used in the American civil war Augmented reality overlays anyone?

The gross and excessive use of force during a university protest would demonstrate how we are growing used to the escalation of police action.


Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge

And that’s the overall problem I had with Rainbows Vinge’s vision of the future may be more realistic than most, but his characters and plot drag. Clunky prose combined with a very complex plot and a ridiculous amount of technological jargon make it nigh unreadable. His ex-wife wants nothing to do with The worldbuilding here is fascinating, which makes it a pity that the plot is pedestrian and the characters wooden. View all 3 comments. And I think we are moving in that direction.

In a world nervous after decades of fighting terrorists and leery of increasingly easily available weapons of mass destruction, an investigation is quickly and quietly launched. Wearable computer has also cemented the place of augmented reality, and teenagers are the digital natives of that brave new virtual multiverse.

The world building is top-notch — plausible and convincing, thoroughly detailed, interesting and original, memorable, etc — all qualities I normally laud.

Al Final del Arco Iris

To young people, vigne Robert’s granddaughter who is in the same high school class as hewearing seems as natural as breathing. Around page I realized I didn’t have a freaking clue what was going on.

If plots were pokemon, this one would involve a Magikarp and a Gyrados And even Miri, in her attempts to protect her grandfather, may be entangled in the plot.