i am connecting a client with airgrid m5 as router and giving a public IP to it. I have used 3 internal IP , Overview This article provides the configuration needed to create a L2 point-to- point the steps on how to make this. AirGrid M HP combines Ubiquiti’s Innerfeed and AirMax (TDMA Protocol) technologies to create a simple, yet extremely powerful and robust wireless unit.

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For better data transmission Line of Sight of two modules must be clear.

UBNT: [AirGrid M5-HP] – Setup Link

Results of Speed test between Station and AP modules. Open All Close All. Max Hold, this trace will update and hold maximum power levels across the frequency since the start of an AirView session.

To adjust polarization, just rotate the antenna in the desired polarization position and rotate the opening on the rear portion of the feed to face the ground for optimal weatherproofing. AirGrid M HP is wirgrid for 2. Web Configuration Now that the hardware has been completely installed, it’s time to configure the Bullet to act as a WiFi Access Point.

Configuring Module to Station: TOUGHSwitch PoE deployments increase efficiency and greatly reduce potential failure points – resulting in faster installations and less maintenance and troubleshooting.

UBNT: [AirGrid M5-HP] – Network Setup

Lets first connec one of the module and configure it as Station. Behind the user interface is a powerful firmware architecture which enables hi-performance outdoor multipoint networking. For now, we just want to create a wireless link between our home and Office.


I will Explain it step by step but first lets get confiuration with the equipments we will be using for this experiment.

Configure the AirGrid Modules: A streamlined billing and customer management solution delivers automated invoicing, payment reminders, and credit card processing with Authorize. You’ll then need conifguration log in with the default username and password of “ubnt”. These modules does not work right away after opening them from the box.

AirControl is a powerful and intuitive web based server network management application which allows operators to centrally manage entire networks of Ubiqutii devices. The Device Discovery tool searches for all Ubiquiti devices on the network. Call a Specialist Today! Now we aorgrid established a Wireless connection between both the Modules, Now, we can use various test tools on airOS.

The spectral view over time will essentially display the steady-state RF energy signature of a given environment. Mechanical design provides complete weatherproof performance. To sign up for the public beta, visit: The low-cost, high-performance, robust “all-in-one” design and light weight of airGridM make it versatile and ideal in several different applications.

In this Experiment we are going to connect Starter Kit at home to the Modem Internet at workplace with the help of two AirGrid modules which create a Wireless Lan link between Home and office. Power over Ethernet PoE. Lets try one more time but this time we configure our ethernet adaptor on our computer with IP Address: Compared to other systems in its class, the airGridM delivers superior performance in reduced latency, throughput, and scalability.


It can be easily oriented to use either airfrid or horizontal polarization. Select Network Tab, change IP address to The Ping tool uses ICMP packets to check the preliminary link quality and packet latency estimation between two network devices.

DVR configuration on airgrid m5 router

This is done by configuring one of the AirGrid module to work as a Station and the other one as Access Point. This is used to alignment of the two AirGrid modules when they are installed on site. Result when AP IP address is selected to ping with mentioned packets.

We still need to configure it with our specifications. AirGrid M HP was designed to be extremely robust to use.

Configguration Output power to 0 dBm. You can also use this tab to adjust the power output should you wish to cover a smaller area. Change the configuratioj according to the below picture.

The Traceroute tool traces the hops from the device to a specified outgoing IP address. Enjoy quicker deployments, healthier networks, and faster customer service response times. Radius Manager — Tags: The revolutionary InnerFeed technology integrates the entire radio system into the feedhorn of the antenna. In the graph, each 2.