An Alien medical team, from a parallel dimension, cure humans at healer clinic in ISRAEL. Original report byf Adrian Dvir. ADRIAN DVIR – X3 HEALING ENTITIES and ALIENS. likes. Alien medical teams from other realms or dimensions cure humans at Healers-Mediums. List of computer science publications by Adrian Dvir. Helnye Azaria, Adrian Dvir: An Optimizing Compiler for an SPAP Architecture Using AI.

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The aliens take the initiative in setting the clinics up.

Alcuin and Flutterby: March

Radio, TV, Magazines, Internet. I also asked the Group of nine entities for adrixn message: UFO sighting It looked like three lights hovering above us for about 30 minutes. A compelling personal account of contact by channeling and healing in collaboration with spirits, ghost, spiritual guides, light creatures, other-dimensional and alien beings.

This website is preserved just as it was upon Adrian Dvir’s death in June Several years later, something similar happened. Karma, or current incarnation contract adrina oriented to prepare the current incarnation to be accepted to the soul parliament.

Earth Magnetic polar flip. We can bring you this understanding. His close collaboration with the alien team addrian him the opportunity to learn a great deal about the Aliens and their medical practice. They said they came to cure medical problems.

Dvir is the author of three books, of which only one has been translated to English. Alexa Actionable Analytics for adriqn Web. Healing, Entities, And Aliens is an exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey into mind-expanding experiences and the positive intentions of entities from beyond this world.


Adrian Dvir – Wikipedia

Dir suffered adria a bad meniscus. Daily Medical collaboration with Aliens. Adrian also edited the final clip. And the reader will find that these aliens have been monitoring the development of mankind since its inception. Adrian Dvir story about Aliens Medical Teams. During my military service, about 20 years ago, I came home and laid down on the bed. X3, Healing Entities and Aliens An exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journeySeptember 21, Reviewer: The Healers claim for collaboration with invisible Beings from other dimensions or realms.

Healing, Entities, And Aliens is an exciting and attention riveting metaphysical journey into mind-expanding experiences and the positive intentions of entities from beyond this world.

The invisible ET speaker that borrowed Diana’s voice for a few minutes says there will be no questions and started with a historic review, from the Second World War, emphasizing continued struggle by the enlightened citizens for personal and communal freedom on planet Earth. Several years later, I was dvif at my computer, and I felt some presence near me.

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We work together with other Healers and Light workers to bring faith, healing, spiritual and physical renewal to the various populations of the world.

Sept 2, Reptilian Alien Professor Bach An alien medical specialist in medicine and science speaks about his work as head physician of Alien medical team on Earth, his home planet and his reptile humanoid race.

And they opened a clinic in my apartment. Microsoft Media 9 is required. The Aliens treat humans in alternative medicine clinics only after the patients give their full consent. X3, Healing Entities and Aliens. I was surprised I was not afraid. Using advanced ET technology which he carried inside his body, Adrian had daily working contact with the healing aliens and knew them well.

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The aliens which work in the medical teams are mostly humanoid in body form, come from a number of different planets and star systems, and vary from 0. I was alone adriam the room. He held a B.

They cured many problems. Aliens message channeled by trans medium Diana Mann, Dec 21, Diana: I have a lot of experience with many people that come to me.

The physicians claimed he needed an operation but refused to perform it due to his heart condition. Today, in Israel alone, there are over 50 such clinics currently seen as one of the most effective means of alternative medicine available.

Over a period of months, these younger cells replace the old and diseased cells in the organ and the person is healed. She was very afraid and she said go away, demons. Through his quest to understand, he meets a medical research team of aliens from another dimension who ask his permission to open an alternative medicine clinic adjacent to his apartment. We want to relieve you of your desperation of your feeling of hopelessness. His first book, “X3, healing, entities and aliens”, was published in Hebrew inand was closely followed by his second book- “Cured by aliens”.

Don’t drive too fast”. I am not a doctor I cannot open a clinic. Adrian also edited the final clip.

In the past, orthodox religion has sometimes thought of these aliens as healing angels.