Transfer of undertakings (TUPE) – Acas training and support. Acas training – did you know? Acas run practical Training Courses, Workshops and Projects to. Acas Helpline – TUPE. Acas Helpline. If your organisation is being bought or sold and you would like information relating to the transfer of employees the Acas. Explaining TUPE, the rules describing how employees must be treated when a business transfers to new ownership. In this video.

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TUPE: an introduction | Acas

New TUPE regulations came into force on 31 January and ACAS have now published some very helpful guidance to help employers and employees better understand what the changes mean and how they may affect their business. Employees rights during IVF treatment. The regulations governing transfer related dismissals and ETO reasons changed from January Where there are fewer than 20 employees being made redundant within a day period, there is still a legal requirement to consult with employees individually but there are no prescribed time limits in which to do so.

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TUPE may also apply where an organisation, such as an advertising agency or a law firm, takes over a client from another firm following a tender process. A transfer of undertakings tpue in one of two situations – either a business transfer or a service provision change.

Tools, Templates and Resources. They carry with them their continuous service from the outgoing employer, and should continue to enjoy the same terms and conditions of employment with the incoming employer. The transferor must conduct a full and meaningful consultation with employees at the earliest feasible time. Good practice at work.


This factsheet was last updated by Lisa Ayling, solicitor and employment law specialist, and by Rachel Suff. If you don’t have a web account why not register to gain access to more of the CIPD’s resources.

Handling TUPE transfers: the Acas guide | Acas

Terms and conditions from collective agreements may be renegotiated after one year provided that overall the contract is no less favourable to the employee. Please note that some of our resources are for members only. This can be determined by asking: Explore our related content.

Managing a TUPE situation All employees employed in the organisation or part of the organisation that acax transferring will be entitled to carry tuupe working for the new organisation with their existing terms and conditions of employment; their continuity of service is also preserved.

Business transfers TUPE applies if there is a transfer of an rupe entity that retains its identity’. Strictly speaking, pension rights related to old age, invalidity or survivors’ benefits in employees’ occupational pension schemes do not transfer under TUPE.

The right to request flexible working. Log in to view more.

This should include identifying tue risks at an early stage and holding a genuine dialogue with employees throughout the process. In some cases just one of these factors has been enough for TUPE to apply. Training Courses, Workshops and Projects. Transfer of undertakings TUPE. The information must be accurate, up to date and secure, and for transfers which took effect from 1 May the information must be provided not less than 28 days before the transfer.

The outgoing employer must provide information about transferring employees to the incoming employer, and this is called Employee Liability Information.

Handling TUPE transfers: the Acas guide

When a business moves to a new owner in one of these ‘relevant transfers’, the Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment Regulations TUPE currently protects the entitlement of UK employees to the same terms and conditions, with continuity of employment, as they had before the transfer. TUPE protects employees by entitling them to the same terms and conditions, with continuity of employment, as they had before the transfer.


Employees rights during IVF treatment. Employers must first consult with a recognised trade union where they exist, and acax there is no recognised union then with elected employee representatives. Lay-offs and short-time working.

The Acas guide to handling TUPE transfers | Business Law Donut

It lists the types of circumstances in which TUPE has been found to apply such as mergers as well as those circumstances in which it does not apply such as transfers by share take-overand also provides a checklist to help determine whether or not it is applicable in a particular situation.

Find out more about cookies. Collective agreements in place at the time adas the transfer also transfer to the incoming employer. Outlines the main legal requirements surrounding TUPE transfers, as well as the essential acxs involved in managing such transfers. The transferee also takes over the liability for all statutory rights, claims and liabilities arising from the contract of employment, for example liabilities in tort, unfair dismissal, equal pay and discrimination claims.

From 31 Julymicro businesses those with fewer than 10 employees overall are not required to elect representatives to inform and consult where there are no existing recognised trade unions or elected employee representatives.

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