Technical documentation for the aircrafts. Creating and updating the manual, maintenance procedures, troubleshooting (AMM, TSM). Greetings of the day dear friends. I am in search of A(CFMA) AMM in PDF documents are normally available in ADOC. Airbus A Tsm. BOOK ID: byku1lDmnQdq [Pdf] Airbus A Tsm DOWNLOAD Book Free. May 9th, – Podle zákona o evidenci.

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The purpose is to supply additional information on conditions prevailing when the maintenance message was generated.

In order to limit the number of cockpit events displayed to the pilots after a single fault, some systems do not generate a cockpit event while they send a3320 class 1 or class 2 fault message because it is already done by another system. Maintenance messages are stored only once during a given cycle at the first detection after the beginning of the cycle.

This is to avoid unjustified LRU removals.

For the TSM this is always Consequently, this test may be initiated from the cockpit by a single operator whenever required during stopovers.

PFR, test result, trouble shooting data if available. In this case, the test has not been completed. Class 1 maintenance messages are presented in the Post Flight Report at the end of the flight.

Other faults, exceptionally detected on the ground after the flight, may generate maintenance messages in a ground report Ref. The others are GO without conditions. To limit BITE complexity all these conditions are assumed to be correctly applied by the operator. Case related to Type 3 systems: From these pages the troubleshooter is directed to the procedure in P.

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airbus a320 TSM

For the operator, the resulting consequences are minor: When no priority messages are received by the CFDIU for the same event it is considered that the accuracy is equal for all messages received. Only maintenance messages indicate possible failures. The remaining are ignored. In each ATA chapter page blockthe table lists: Size px x x x x The wording of the cautions is in fact simply a reminder of the consequences on the aircraft following test activation.

Fault Isolation – 5. To provide the unique For electrical equipment any component with an electrical connection the FIN is of the form 2CA1 where: In general, these data are read in the case of events which do not result from effective part failure, already covered by the replacement of the failed part.

Consequently, if a difference is detected by a system it is considered as a fault and therefore generates a maintenance message in the test results.

airbus a TSM – Free Download PDF

The time GMT is also given in front of the warning message and the maintenance message. Block contain the information required to isolate and correct each fault symptom Ref. The first column contains warnings and rsm.

The list does not give details of wiring to be checked. They can be displayed alone without an associated warning or malfunction, in which case they may be the entry point for maintenance related trouble shooting. This type of system enables: In some cases it is possible for the trouble shooting to be covered in a chapter different to that of the ATA reference rsm by the warning, malfunction or CFDS fault message.

In certain multiple fault cases, the test may only indicate the first fault encountered. This message is called internal. But in specific cases of fault e. In such a case the indexes are useful to direct the trouble shooter to the correct chapter. Non-monitored faults are not displayed by the aircraft systems and can be of a general nature, such as: Therefore, each system has in memory an information linked to every message transmitted to the CFDIU which defines its internal or external attribute so that the CFDIU can give priority to the most accurate one.


Microfilm cartridges are also available. Job Set-up Information – 3. This trouble shooting guide to faults monitored and aircraft systems. This means that in most of the cases, the fault message is associated with a cockpit event ECAM warning, local warning, flag, maintenance status The layout is as follows: The first four columns contain the fault message, ATA reference, source and class.

In order to launch at the first opportunity the proper maintenance action it is necessary to provide the information to the maintenance teams.

This is due to differing replacement policies of airlines on such units reinstall, or send to the workshop. Type 2 systems cannot receive this information no input bus and generate it by default. Effectivity Statements 1 Page effectivity block The statement of effectivity in the effectivity block at the bottom left of each page corresponds to the sum of the effectivities included on the page. It does not always confirm the correction a20 the fault symptom.

Task idents begin at and raise, in stm, to maximum within the P.