_Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics_, believed to have been originally published sometime in the s, is a bizarre. Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics, sometimes referred to as The Brainwashing Manual, is a book published in Buy THE SOVIET ART OF BRAINWASHING: A synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics by Lavrent Beria (Paperback) online at.

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Brain-washing : a synthesis of the Russian textbook on psychopolitics (Book, ) []

If you are sure that this product is in violation of acceptable content as defined in the agreement or that it does not meet our guidelines for General Access, please fill out the form below. Propaganda should continue and stress the rising incidence of insanity in a country.

By these means the patriotism of youth for their Capitalistic flag can be dulled to a point where they are no longer dangerous as soldiers. It textbookk stated by Western authorities on hypnosis that only some twenty percent of the people are susceptible to hypnotism. You must make these treatments common and accepted. Psychopolitics remedies this tendency toward disaffection when it exceeds the common persuasions of the immediate tje of the person in question.

THE SOVIET ART OF BRAINWASHING. A synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics

However, regulated only by the importance of the subject, no great amount of time should be expended upon the individual, but emotional duress, or electric shock, or brain surgery should be resorted to, should Communist propaganda persuasion fail. Goff asserted Stickley plagiarized him, and that he had seen yet another publication which had done so. The only revision in this book is the summary, which was added by the Communists after the atomic bomb came into being.

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This has long been demonstrated by such Russians as Pavlov, and the principles have long been used in handling the recalcitrant, in training children, and in bringing about a state of optimum behaviour on the part of a population.

This modern outgrowth of old practice is called Psychopolitics.

American students at the Lenin University, I welcome your attendance at these classes on Psychopolitics. The stupidity of Western civilizations is best demonstrated by the fact that they believe hypnotism is a thing of the mind, of attention, and a desire for unconsciousness. He is struck again, and his resistance is lessened once more. We were taught that the degradation of the populace is less inhuman than their destruction by bombs, for to tue animal lives only once, any life is sweeter than death.


Thus, he can bring about implicit obedience, not only on the part of individual members of the populace, but on the entire populace itself and its government. Books by Dorothy Baker. The normal health and wildness of a rich man’s son must be twisted and perverted and explained into neurosis and then, assisted by a timely administration of drugs or violence, turned into criminality or insanity. In any State we have certain individuals who operate in the role of the virus and germ, and these, attacking the population or any group within the population, produce, by their self-willed greed, a sickness in th organ, which then generally spreads to the whole.

Lucy Chronicles marked it as to-read Jan 16, Olympio marked it as to-read Dec 29, Colonies of cells have gathered together as one organ or another of the body, and then these organs have, themselves, gathered together to form the whole. Only in this way can the absolute judgement of the psychopolitical operative as to the sanity or insanity of public figures be maintained in complete belief.

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Brain-washing : a synthesis of the Russian textbook on psychopolitics

State goals depend upon loyalty and obedience for their accomplishment. The task z made very simple in view of the fact that Capitalistic rusisan Fascistic nations have no great security in the loyalty of their subjects. The values of a widespread mental health organization are manifest when one realizes that any government can be forced to provide facilities for psychopolitical operatives in the form of psychiatric wards in all hospitals, in national psychoopolitics totally in the hands of psychopolitical operatives, and in the establishment of clinics where youth can be contacted and arranged more seemingly to the purposes of Psychopolitics.

Basically, Man is an animal. If the individual, himself, was injured during the moment, the injury, itself, will re manifest when called upon to respond by an exterior command source. The psychopolitical operative, having under his control all psychology classes in an area, can thus ln about a complete reformation of the future leaders psyfhopolitics a country in their educational processes, and so prepare them for Communism. These may call into question the efficacy of psychiatric treatment such as shock, drugs, and brian surgery.

The world deprived of the workers now enslaved by the insane and nonsensical idiocies of the Capitalists and Monarchs of Earth, would, if removed, create a certain disability in the world-wide State. So long as the organism obeys the stimulus whenever psychopllitics is restimulated in the future, it does not suffer from the pain of the stimulus.


This, more than anything syntheis, would discredit them, but it is dangerous to practice this, in the extreme. If the psychopolitical operative has, himself, or if his group has done a thorough job, defamatory data concerning the person, or connections, of the would-be attacker should be on file, should be documented, and should be used in such a way as to discourage the inquiry.

It is not too much to hope that psychopolitical operatives would then, in a country such as the United States, become the very intimate advisors to political figures, even to the point of advising the entirety of a political party as to its actions in an election. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In this warfare the Communists have psychopolotics stated: Finding libraries that hold this item A body deprived of organs can be observed to be lessened by its effectiveness.

It is not efficient to attack a nation in such a frame of mind.

It is fortunate that Communism so truly approaches an ideal state of mind, for this brings a certain easiness into any changing loyalties, since all other philosophies extant and practiced on Earth today are degraded and debased, compared to Communism. To destroy loyalty to the State all manner of forbidding for youth must be put into effect so as to disenfranchise them as members of the Capitalist state and, by promises of a better lot under Communism, to gain their loyalty to a Communist movement.

The patient thus demonstrating momentary insanity should be immediately be reported to the police and taken away to some area of incarceration managed by psychopolitical operatives, and so placed out of site. As an example of this, if an individual is beaten, and is told during the entirety of the beating that he must obey psychoopolitics officials, he will, in the future, feel the beginnings of the pain the moment he begins to disobey. Furthermore, and much more important, the field of gussian mind must be sufficiently dominated by th e psychopolitical operative, so that whatever tenets of the mind are taught they will be psychopoliticss believed.

The rapidly varied pressure brings about a chaos wherein the individual will cannot act and where other wills then, perforce, assume control.