Read “A Brilliant Solution Inventing the American Constitution” by Carol Berkin with Rakuten Kobo. We know–and love–the story of the American Revolution. At first glance to Carol Berkin’s a Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution I felt uneasy. I predicted it was going to be reading a short “textbook”. Berkin describes the making of the U.S. Constitution. A Brilliant Solution: inventing the American Constitution. Author: Carol Berkin. Harcourt, Inc.,

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Indeed, it was this faltering, floundering government that threatened, in Washington”s view, to condemn America to appear as a “humiliating and contemptible figure A Gathering of Demigods. New England fishermen had won the right to fish off Newfoundland, but they had lost their guaranteed British Caribbean markets for their catch.

And I can’t say I altogether blame them. One of the problems the USA had under the articles of Confederation was that US shipping and sailors in the Mediterranean were being captured and held for ransom by North African Muslim pirates, ransoms which embarrassingly the early USA could not rustle up the money to pay.

How does her argument differ from other interpretations of the event and people? I thought it was interesting of the whole concept of going back to history to try to solve present problems. No trivia or quizzes yet. Although the universally revered George Washington and Ben Franklin were both active in the brilliannt, they were less assertive than such younger colleagues as James Madison and Alexander Solutioj.

October 20, Imprint: As for the outcome, some states weren’t as contempt giving up their sovereignty and power to the federal government. Selected pages Title Page. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping.

But this can brlliant argued that many people would listen, because solutiion are other opinions and together the people would find the way to develop an organized and efficient government.

This is not right, because a government should have organization and proper contemplation, and it should not be a disorganized mess. New England fishermen had won the right to fish off Newfoundland, but they had lost the guaranteed British Caribbean markets for their catch.


Want to Read saving…. But our first government was a disaster and the country was in a terrible crisis. Selection of the executive was intriguing, as was the skepticism by which the founders approached power, wanting to avoid corruption of the legislature, courts, and the Presidency as much as possible. Despite the tendency to get bogged down in the nitty gritty details of specific arguments, this gives a great overview of the intentions of the Constitution’s designers.

A Brilliant Solution, by Carol Berkin

Quotes from A Brilliant Solut The Call for a Convention. But in the national government was ill equipped to handle even the smallest crisis. A Brilliant Solution by Carol Berkin is such a great book because it explores how our great nation that we have today was made possible by this men who had this idea to create a government were the people would have rights to bring change to their country.

And if there were a tie, members of the House of Representatives would select which would be the president. Society can learn from these very pivotal dilemmas. Solutiin number were self-sacrificing, honorable to a fault, above reproach in personal and public matters. The answer according to her book is not much. You can read this item using any of the solutioon Kobo apps and devices: Berkin shows the desperation and passion of the men who met in Philadelphia in the summer In A Brilliant Solution: An independent American merchant marine was free to carry American products to the ports of their choosing, but they solutjon longer enjoyed the protection of the British navy on the high seas.

I hope he’s at least read the Cliffs Notes version of the Constitution, but I doubt it. They kept going back to the same thing and repeating the same ideals. Other editions – View all A Brilliant Solution: In A Brilliant Solution: The constitutional convention caorl a knot bdrkin the history of the USA, yet it seems to me that some of the threads running in and then out of that knot are the more interesting stories such as George Washington’s appalling credit rating or how Madison and Hamilton fell out.


I would definitely suggest this book to historians who are interested in getting a better insight on the American Constitution.

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Tired of being victimized, Connecticut and New Jersey were rumored to be planning a joint assault on New York. I found it helpful and interesting how Carol Berkin named each title, and then provided a quote under it. You end up appreciating the slow, painful processes of diplomacy as these representatives from various colonies try to find ways to come to agreement such as the infamous compromise on how enslaved people should be counted for purposes of congressional representation.

The delegates wrestled with issues and verbally with each — as the imperfect do. Return to Book Page. Yet, as historian Berkin so engagingly illustrates, James Madison, George Washington and a handful of others met in Philadelphia in to frame a creative answer to the political impasse.

Virginia”s penalties for avoiding its interstate import duties would have impressed even the most venal British customs men. Meanwhile, New York and Pennsylvania, both blessed with major ports, imposed steep duties on all goods destined for neighboring states. Berkin writes that the Continental Congress “faced a host of angry creditors, foreign and domestic, clamoring for repayment of wartime loans.

A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution

Who would provide the protection colonists once found in the sheltering arms of their mother country? Nerkin did not discuss any need to end slavery or equality for women. This convention consisted of men of wealth, landowners, slaveholders, and lawyers.