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74LS174N Datasheet

When low power device type has “A” on end. All diodes are 1N Box Taipei 3rd Fir. When there are two set of page numbers, the first designates the connection diagram page; dataasheet second indicates electrical tables.

Total lput Power late Dissipation Mil. Datasheet have no clue, I know part numbers and whether I have it or not. On the 97 and 98 versions, four buffers are enabled from one common line, and the other four buffers are enabled from another common line. W 74H30 N 7 ns 2. K 7 98 i National Semiconductor Corp.

74LSN from Rochester Electronics

When the data goes into QO, the QcC signal goes low, and the register is inhibited from further change until reset by a Start signal. Output Qa is connected to input B. When either one, or both, of the strobe inputs is raised to a high logic level the outputs are forced into the high-impedance state. When used as a 3-bit ripple-through counter, the input count pulses are applied to the clock-2 input. An external resistor Fix and an external capacitor Cx are required for operation.


With the outputs open, clock inhibit an ie parallel inputs grounded. Connection Diagram Page No. The serial data input of the register.

IC Assistance needed. — Parallax Forums

W N 20 ns mW J. All inputs are buffered and input clamping diodes are provided to minimize transmission-line effects and thereby simplify system design. Aftr searching the Internet I found a few that are related to the old Asteroids game. All molded DIPs are N-types. Similarly, the carry output produces a pulse equal in width to the count down input when an overflow condition exists. To read information from the memory, the Memory Enable input must be in the logical “0” state and the Write Enable input in the logical “I” state.

These operations are selected by the four function-select lines SO, SI, S2, S3 and include addition, subtraction, decrement, and straight transfer. The selects one-of-sixteen data sources; the A, LS, and S select one-of-eight data sources. This permits writing into one location, and reading from another word location, simultaneously.


The clock pulse has Ihe following characteristics: Andy North My Index Page: These devices are fully expandable to any number of bits without external gates. How do they relate to astroids? Iqc is measured with all outputs open, both Rq inputs grounded following momentary connection to 4. When there are Iwo sets ol dstasheet numbers. BTW, only the eproms can be erased, and the cpu chip sounds like basic is preprogrammed in the chip. W 74L08 N 7.

NPN silicon transistor with hpg requirements of above equations, such as 2N or 2N