747-400 FCOM PDF

Is the only FCOM the book manual on the PMDG website? I have been told by a fellow simmer that my insufficient fuel on my FMC can be found. BOEING NORMAL PROCEDURES CHECKLIST. TAXI OUT. First Officer. Captain. ALTIMETERS (BOTH) ____ IN/hPa, ____FT. ALLOWABLE. FCOM FCTM QRH – january – june «on: November 10, , PM». Hello my dears, Here i attach part manuals.

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Bracing The Last Line Of Defense against Midair Collisions Recent accidents have prompted the International Civil Aviation Organization to clarify that pilots must comply immediately with airborne collision avoidance system resolution advisories, even when contradictory instructions are issued by air traffic control.

Optimum Use Of The Weather radar The aim of this Briefing Note is to provide additional information about weather radar capabilities and limitations, fom order to improve the flight crew’s overall understanding of the system, and to help prevent such incidents from occurring. Stall Review and Recovery Procedures This very interesting document makes the operational community 74-7400 of the review of the traditional methods of “Stall” and “Approach to Stall” recovery techniques Stop and No Go Decision A fco speed rejected takeoff during the takeoff roll.

A fuel imbalance can occur for many reasons, including acceptable 747–400 in the performance of fuel system components, variations in engine fuel burn characteristics, faults in internal fuel system components, or fuel system or structural faults that cause fuel to leak overboard.

After reviewing the initial data, the RSI Group determined that it would be most effective to focus its efforts on reducing the risk of runway excursions. By loading full fuel, you might have also pushed it beyond the load limits thereby requiring more fuel burn initially. Understanding Runways Excursions A runway excursion occurs fom an aircraft departs the runway in use during the take-off or landing run. Classified, Want, Swap Ads. The vertical guidance is usually based on barometric altimetry augmented with information from a mix of navigation sensors.

Safety can be jeopardized when aircraft deviate from their assigned focm. Skin Cancer Prevention Flight crews and cabin crews should take precautions against exposure to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight while on airport ramps and during layovers. After a review of current runway safety efforts, specific data on the various aspects of runway vcom were obtained.


The damage resulted from high nose-down pitch rates generated by full or nearly full forward control column application before nosegear touchdown. Data requirements for a safety culture include proactive information on crew behavior.

Polar Air Boeing 747-400 FCOM QRH Manual

Federal Aviation Regulations and the European Joint Aviation Requirements redefined V1 as the maximum airspeed at which a flight crew must take the first action to safely reject a takeoff. High Stakes in language Proficiency In an effort to reduce accidents involving communication deficiencies, ICAO is requiring pilots, controllers and aeronautical station operators involved in international operations to be tested for their ability to speak and understand English.

Antidepressants in Aviation Australian researchers found that pilots who took prescribed antidepressants were no more likely than others to be involved in accidents and incidents.

This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x Words Than Can Be Hazardous To Your Health Miscommunication arising from spoken interaction is a fact of life experienced, in one form or another, almost daily. Preventing Tail Strikes Tail strikes can cause significant damage and cost operators millions of dollars in repairs and lost revenue.

Slippery Runways This article reviews the principles of tire traction, landing techniques and the use of brakes, speedbrakes and reverse thrust to stop the airplane during landing The utmost development of Performance Based Navigation for approach, missed approach and departure is known under different names. Danger of Falling Overhead Baggage Minimal traumatic brain injury is one serious consequence of injury caused by baggage falling from overhead compartments.

This concept is used en route, to reduce aircraft separation, and in terminal area to optimize arrival and departure procedures. Fuel Imbalance In-flight fuel imbalance occurs when the quantity of fuel between the fuel tanks in the left and right wings is unequal.

FCOM – PMDG (Legacy Versions) – The AVSIM Community

The training package fdom of this document and an accompanying. This report highlighted the fact that “many of the limitations of see-and avoid are associated with physical limits and human perception”, and encouraged pilots to be, “made aware of the limitations of the see-and-avoid procedure, particularly the factors which can reduce a pilot’s effective visual field”.


Takeoff and Climb Every takeoff is an opportunity to save fuel. Most runway excursions can be attributed at least in part to unstabilized approaches, and runway excursions in several forms are the leading cause of accidents and incidents within the industry.

But experimental evidence shows that pilots can train themselves in techniques for fccom effective visual detection of traffic.

This brochure aims at providing Airbus customers with the background information necessary to launch an RNP AR project. Understanding Design Philosophy A set of guidelines or ”Golden Rules” for the operation of automated systems can help crew members to remain fully aware of the status of the aircraft and its sophisticated systems ”ready to react” should an unexpected or critical event arise.

This is an exhaustive brochure. Partial reliance on these recommendations is therefore also acceptable. In particular, modern flight instruments provide more information to the flight crew with greater precision. Ultimately, human factors are involved in all incidents and accidents.

Discipline in Aviation This article defines discipline and illustrates its importance to safe flight operations. Risks related to Lithium Batteries Lithium-ion Li-ion has become the dominant rechargeable battery chemistry for consumer electronics devices e. Theoretical Perspectives and Training Guidelines.

Besides giving the airplanes a distinctive appearance, the winglets create more efficient 747-040 characteristics in cruise and during takeoff and climbout, which translate into additional range fcim the same fuel and payload.

It also describes defenses and controls for these attitudes that will enable flight crews to enhance 7477-400 safety through improved personal discipline. If each takeoff and climb is performed efficiently, an airline can realize significant savings over time. In incident and accident reports, the flight crew’s contribution often is considered to be just what the flight crew did or did not do.