General Tech Info – All Z Car Years – Factory Service Manuals (FSM) – Downloads S (ZX): com/ Nissan ZX Workshop Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Nissan ZX Workshop Nissan ZX Workshop Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Datsum Z. Since proper maintenamce and service are absolutely essential in satisfying the Datsum owners, this manual should be kept in a handy .

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S Factory Service manuals – ZX USDM

Turning it untill it was in the off position where there is no reading. First at the ECU pins. They are wires with a built-in melting point. The work he did on my car was top notch. I was told it goes from the bolt that runs through the rubber isolator, then grounds to the mounting bracket.

What do you think? Thanks for the suggestion. The spindle pin is quite an interesting beast as many have talked about. Fusible links are the same as fuses.

Any suggestions for replacing or repairing ECU connectors? I hate that he gave you such a flippant diagnosis. Haywire fusible link and fuse supplier. There are small holes next to each pin to stick it into. That would be a 280x help.

I used an old 76 or 77 transistor module to make a mounting plate and used two existing 10mm bolts near the strut tower to hold the maxifuse box.


The other Red’s are 50A. The car is new to me, and has a problem. Vacuum pressure at idle is 20, so no big leaks. User Tag List Page 1 of 2 1 2. I have what seems to be a problem I just cant solve.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I am interested in how the wire terminals can be released from the connector housing. I work full time and the wife, the house, I just dont have the time to work on it as much as I like, so I paid for time and parts in the shop.

Im not sure what to use. I will look into that. The ECU plugs have been suspect to me as well.

I fdm each pin and relocated it to a bare z31 connector. It then said to go to the TVS section and follow directions for adjustment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The blue one with the turbo side stripe. Purchase a new spindle pin set ahead of time so that you can use the new parts right away! Whenever I put a load on my old fuel pump going down the road the engine would stutter and stumble in gear.

I did a test run without the oxygen sensor. You may have to slide the washer fluid tank up and out of the way to see it.

Factory Service Manuals (FSM) – Downloads – XenonZcar.com

I recently bought my 82 ZX-T on Craigslist in Atlanta and he picked it up fem me and did the brakes and front end for me so I could drive it back to NC. The easiest way I found to take this out is: I can try a wiggle test again, could fxm hurt. When the current through the link exceeds a threshold, the heat produced melts the wire to prevent too much current from damaging down stream devices.


Previous Post Previous Zpotted: As described in the FSM, disconnect the brake line. Went forward with a tune up.

I vsm that the turbo supplement for 81 was all there was. I hope that is 280zs end of the stumble at cruise. Not too much trouble. Which would you like? I got a reading of I had a spare TPS from awhich I just used as a tester, but removed it. Contact Us Advertise Nissan: Desperate now I pull the cover off the afm and move the carbon trace board around and try several locations. I will have to check that out.

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Going from fuel injection to carburated – fuel pump recommendations? How do you release the wire terminals from the connector? Also recheck the connectors at the ECU. It passed the 2 tests at the ECU, and the part itself. Posted January 17,