Mon May 28, 7: Sun May 27, 2: Sat May 26, 1: Mon May 28, 4: My strong skillset now is mostly eyecandy, and have drooled over the back end for a long time now. I’ll have to ask my friends in India or Singapore to send it since it’s commonly available there.

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Linksys Lnetx Version EtherFast LAN Card 10/ mbps PCI 1 X Rj45 | eBay

Can you tell me what chipset the Linksys cards use. As far as the NIC goes, that part falls in the line of when we are ready to create our in house servers. If it’s from Netware I can help you since my early years of networking were entirely with diskless nodes booting from NetWare servers. Used to be lne00tx one time favourite.

Download Linksys LNETx Version Fast Ethernet PCI Card

ArtNW, we meet again. A few may work across brands.

Earlier you mention that it’s not hardware specific, now you mentioned it is. The card show in the link will work. The setup is as fallow: I just answered to your thinnet forum. Booting from one probably takes place at the end ln1e00tx the configured sequence diskette, cdrom, ide, scsi. Let me set things straight. If you know how this works – I would appreciate the knowledge as it seems a lnne100tx solution some times. Mon May 28, 3: Need the feed back, right now my mind is in tormoil arghhh.


My strong skillset now is mostly eyecandy, and have drooled over the back end for a long time now. You don’t even have to connect to the netware server after booting. The only way is to plug it in to see if lns100tx works.

Half of the site will have to be hosted from a established company. Every time we got a new batch of cards, v.0 narrow down on a bunch of Boot ROMs and then Plug and Pray till one worked. And, it features bus-master architecture to reduce CPU utilization.

I have personally never seen a nic card which the boot chips populated; but, It would sometimes be nice to have this as an option. Too much to learn not enough time deal, argh.

There would have to be a common port address, a common interrupt number, a common structure to the nic card’s memory, common command set, and a lot of other things. Mon May 28, 4: I think the likely hood of them working is very slim, sorry dude: I think that the only way that they would work would be if both did something like ne as a subset of their instructions.


Linksys LNE100TX LAN Card Driver Disk

It contains an RJ connector for 10base-T twisted pair. Sep 24, Posts: In addition, this bit card offers the flexibility of dual-speed operation. It will take some time for me to get a Boot ROM for it. Fri May 25, 3: Its media supports Auto-Negotiation, so the optimum operating mode or 10 Mbps and half or full lnw100tx is selected automatically.

Most of the Boot roms are vendor and model specific. I haven’t heard that in v20. long time.

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