If the link partner is forced either full or half , Duplex defaults to half-duplex. As the issue addressed by this parameter has never been observed on Intel Architecture platforms, it should not be used on Intel platforms. In this mode, which operates the same as mode 3, the InterruptThrottleRate will be increased stepwise to for traffic in class “Lowest latency”. This value is the number of transmit descriptors allocated by the driver. LLI parameters are not enabled when Legacy interrupts are used. When a malicious driver attempts to send a spoofed packet, it is dropped by the hardware and not transmitted.

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Useful only if TxIntDelay is non-zero, this value ensures that an interrupt is generated after the initial packet is sent on the wire within the set amount of time. It should be used when you wish to control which speed and duplex combinations are advertised during the auto-negotiation process.

To learn the proper way to configure a network device for your system, refer to your distribution documentation. Depending on the available system resources, the request for a kinux number of receive descriptors may be denied. A receive buffer linkx also allocated for each descriptor and can be either,or bytes, depending on the MTU setting.

Allows Phy to turn off in lower power states. For other Linux distributions, download and install ethtool from the following website: Increasing this value allows the driver to buffer more incoming packets, at the expense of increased system memory utilization.


For more information about the InterruptThrottleRate parameter, see the application note at: This issue may be seen with PCI-X adapters or with packet split disabled.

Linux source code: drivers/net/ethernet/intel/igb/igb_main.c (v) – Bootlin

After requesting interrupts for MSI-X vectors, system may panic. In addition, the controller is automatically reset, restoring the network connection. The driver can limit the amount of interrupts per second that the adapter will generate for incoming packets.

Several adapters with the chipset display “TX unit hang” messages during normal operation with the e driver. This parameter is supported only onand later adapters. In this mode, which operates the same as mode 3, the InterruptThrottleRate will be increased stepwise to for traffic ib class “Lowest latency”.

Intel is not supplying patches against the kernel source to allow for static linking of the driver. Turning on DMA Coalescing may save energy with kernel 2. Allocating Rx buffers when using Jumbo Frames on 2. Then follow the appropriate steps for building, installing, and configuring the driver.

The configuration change can be made permanent by adding the line: It does this by writing a value to the adapter that is based on the maximum amount of interrupts that the adapter will generate per second.

NAPI is enabled or disabled based on the configuration of the kernel. This option allows for limux ability of IEEE If you have just recompiled the kernel reboot the system now.


Linux* Base Drivers for IntelĀ® Ethernet Network Connection

The board advertises all supported speed and duplex combinations, and it links at the highest common speed and duplex mode IF the link partner is set to auto-negotiate.

Traffic on ports 1 and 2 may be slower than liinux and ping times higher than expected. To reduce the impact, the packet buffer sizes and relevant flow control settings are modified accordingly.

When setting RxIntDelay to a value other than 0, adapters may hang stop transmitting under certain network conditions. MTU designates the frame size. If you encounter the problem in an adapter, and the chipset is an based one, you can verify that your adapter needs the fix by using ethtool: When ee is loaded with default settings and multiple adapters are in use simultaneously, the CPU utilization may increase non-linearly. This information is accessed by the hardware.

This issue won’t be seen on 32bit version of EL5, as in that case, the kernel sees that RAM is located around the MB window and avoids using the mmconfig space.

RxDescriptors This value specifies the number of receive buffer descriptors allocated by the driver. Using kernel versions earlier than 3.

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