Please send me your contact information and I will look into this for you. SBC reasonable price, static IP, 1. Dump their crappy modem and get a good one like a Westell or Alcatel or even Speedstream. As far as pricing plans go, both services have pros and cons. We are willing to help.

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We’ve 100 word that they will be trying to expand their support staff in the near future. It normally takes business after a disconnect due date with a different ISP before a new order can be placed.

Have some spine and ride out your contract. Once again leaving a surplus in excess of our needs and plenty of overhead room for all our customers. I successfully ftp’ed files to my PC today. Still testing them as I speak. You are currently on a static IP plan. Review by weilwang Location: They are an ISP devoted to providing good service. It’ll then work like everyone else’s PPPoE, for better or worse.


I think your service largely caters to advanced customers, and we appreciate not having to jump through hoops to get problems solved. Well, I hope this is not true. Dump their crappy modem and get a good one like a Westell 1000 Alcatel or even Speedstream. Dslextreme has been my isp for almost a year, when i first notice the decrease in speed, I decided to contact dslextreme. Are you using a router or firewall?


entfernen – Free Download –

And I like that George is in here trying to help customers. We are willing to help. Please send me your information and exactly how your computer is setup and I can look into it for you.

Do Yourself a Great Favor George is one guy “fighting the system”. Stay away from this service, Unless you pay 65 for static.

Anonymous2 Anon Apr-1 5: You are on a static plan Ouch, George laying the smack-down. Speed stream ranges from and most of the time Westell ranges and most of the time at Upload a file of 1. I think when you’re first signed up PacBell does some line testing over a few weeks, and it improves the speed for some and hurts it for others.

The problem is with the Broadmax modem that they ship you.

I have had perfect service since. George, my email is andrei dslextreme. Ouch, George laying the smack-down. This may be what you’re experiencing.


Dslextreme told me they were calling the phone company and followed up saying that I had bad card in SBCs CO and that it had been repaired, which it was. Their email support unless it’s changed in the past few months stinks. I find that disgusting and a disgrace to the integrity of this forum and the people here, regardless of your choice of ISP.

The other option is to configure the Broadmax to be in bridged mode or use another modem if you have one and then use a router or software to do the PPPoE.

I’m currently on earthlink dsl right now, their 1. Customer service should get better I live in Norwalk too and I’m wondering what kind of speeds you are getting.

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