You can, of course, create a desktop shortcut to the ODBC dialog if you find yourself using it frequently. This can be very useful for debugging an ODBC application. Board index All times are UTC. Fields [ 0 ]. For the sake of completeness: I choice my Database Baza. It would be just great to have ado support in Zeos, because I don’t like the data-aware components included in Lazarus, which are, at least today, quite slow and buggy.

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As I said, slow, buggy, a nightmare. Functions are supported – e.

Lazarus, Zeos and Ms Access (mdb) – Zeoslib Portal

Next ; end ; finally query. Compatible with PostgreSQL server versions since 7. Works on all Lazarus versions. Create nil ; query: EOF do begin S: The connection lazaris are therefore decoupled from your application, as only the DSN name is used in your software – the DSN acting as a go-between. For the sake of completeness: Compatible with Oracle servers: Use this sqlite odbc connection guide to perform easy and painless connection to SQLite database.

You don’t need Zeos. The project now compiles with no errors in both Windows and Linux, with some anticipated minor issues caused by lost properties which I must still translate.


The LoginPrompt boolean property is not implemented yet. It would be just great to have ado support in Zeos, because I don’t like the data-aware components included in Lazarus, which are, at least today, quite slow and buggy.

Sorry for the extension of the post, odbcconnection thanks again for answering and, of course, your great work here. Using this method it isn’t possible to inject malicious SQL commands into variable fields in an attempt to tamper with the database; the server then knows specifically what part of the statement is a value and what is command.

It is found in the Control Panelin later Windows versions with categorised sections it was moved into the Administrative Tools area. No registered users and 0 guests. I have a Delphi license, but I’m tired of the newer versions and giving Lazarus a look.

I just couldn’t believe it was so easy I believe that it’s laazarus MDB file not using Unicode. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Here’s what I did: But you can’t set such property, pointing to a component which is actually placed in other form, in the object inspector.

The use of Parameters is recommended to avoid SQL injection vulnerabilities.


Create nil ; transaction: This may cause previously working code to stop working. Odbcconnectioon going to the details of this wrapper, you must first have a basic understanding of how an ODBC data source is identified. Use this to specify custom parameters.

Zeoslib Portal

GetUnicodeString ColumnIndex, Result ; I know there is lazaus support for this, but any clues or directions would be very appreciated. Params TStrings set using.

I’ll update to Odbccinnection tomorrow and see if the latest patch concerning codepage issues helps and, of course, you’ll be the first to know if such thing comes to happen. Use this mssql odbc driver connection examples which include step by step tutorial and connection strings. Sometimes with an “Invalid Odcbconnection Operation”. If you get a ‘Function sequence error’ in the finalization section of the ODBCConn unit, then you probably did not properly clean up all you queries and connections.

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