Microsoft and Windows are U. November Legal Notices Warranty The. These messages can be useful indebugging the Type 4 driver. This is also a convenient way of pre-populating the database with data. Values can be less than minPoolSize , but must not exceed maxPoolSize.

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Warranty The material contained in this document is provided “as. A DataSource djbc is a factory for Connection objects. Each file corresponds to one of the sections listed and described in the following table.

All the build commands will be run from here.

JDBC drivers for Tandem HP NonStop

A data source can reside on a server or on a PC. A parameter that has an expected table name is set to null. From this website, you can obtain information. StructThe following interfaces in the javax. Connections jcbc the same username, password, catalog, schema, and server data source combination are pooled together and managed by the Type 4 driver.


When the application is finished using the connection object, that object is returned to the pool. Any value greater than maxpoolsize is changed to the maxpoolsize value.

This driver class is part of the t4sqlmx. Page 26 A run-time version of a table has a different redefinition timestamp than the compile-time version of the same table. This will create a directory named j2eetutorial containing all the necessary source and configuration files. Using statement pooling is described in the following topics: The software More information.

These connections include both free connections and connections in use. Probe Guide for Active Directory Server. Up to 2 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of People who like this.

Integrating the HP NonStop JDBC Type 4 Driver With JBoss

Enclose the address in brackets “[” and “]”. The clients access the customer, account, and transaction information maintained in a database through Enterprise JavaBeans EJB. Name of the Jvbc server datasource to connect to.

All the PreparedStatement objects that were in use are ready to be reused when the connection is reused. Compilation should be fairly straightforward—just type the following command: Project Feedback and Evaluation.


The following patterns can be used to specify T4LogFile: This release of the Type 4 Driver supports global XA transactions.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Edit this to set the jboss. QThere are no entries for this section. Page 27 The Type 4 driver provides the following character-set mapping properties using key values as follows: Page 31 Client-Side PropertiesServer-Side PropertiesType 4 driver properties that effect client-side operations and server-side are summarized in the following tables.

Page nonstpo the URL is: An ellipsis immediately following a single syntax item indicates that you can repeat that syntax item any number of times.

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