The design of the grip may not match. Pricing too good to be true? I think it about sums up the hundreds of bogus online golf retailers around the world. I am surprised you have to even ask if this website is legitimate. Another tip is check out their security certificate logo at the bottom of the page.

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Any help would be appreciated. Has anyone come across http: Should I consider these to be legit?

I actually took it and hit a bucket of balls. Factory Warranty or go to the store.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs • Golf Club Brokers Blog

So why do we keep using these foundries to make our clubs you ask? To the untrained eye, the counterfeit driver left is not immediately apparent; the main giveaways are that the yellow paint is not quite the correct shade — and the casting of the raised triangular shards within the yellow section are not as crisp and proud as the genuine article.

Just wanted ur opinion if these are safe or stay away from them. If hwo stores should really be getting products from the manufacturers, then their inventories should be updated and low-priced. I have used rockbottom golf several times and had no issues with the products I received.


Sottoscrivi le StopFake News. Buy from TGW or other reputable online retailer. Notify me of new posts by email. Then the screw started stripping after only 10 changes to the head.

If you looking for a bargain when buying new clubs try going to the more independent retailers rather than the bigger corporations idfntify American Golf, Nevada Bobs, etc. It read exactly as follows: These are authentic watches at a third off retail. Anyone have any ideas or information about this supplier.

10 Ways (NOT) To Buy Fake Golf Clubs on EBAY!

That can also help you in choosing best golf travel bag. He checked with the website, there is no longer, but he notice other website name while same web design picture.

Do you know anything about sunogolf. So, because it is too expensive to pay American workers and use American materials, the Chinese economy will reap the bulk of the benefit of the golf club idenhify market excepting U.

Stop asking about reputeable sites!

One basic thing to keep in mind is that if you do not purchase from an authorized Internet dealer, the manufacturer may not honor its warranty on idejtify clubs. Our mission is ConsumerFirst. They appear to be counterfeit.


Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

Are you implying that all Adams clubs are genuine? Do the big sales come in October or November? I got a reply that said will return emails on Monday Can anyone verify this website. I have been to Shezhen were many club manufactures plants are and there fakr and alot more plants in surrounding cities and in hong kong. I immediately sent a strongly worded email to the contact who identity confirmed my order, and then phoned my bank to ask for their advice.

These are some of the easiest way to tell if the website is legit. All three websites are probably the same corrupt organisation.

It therefore must get them through unauthorised channels. Ferrules will be a different style. They claim to be a factory authorized dealer.

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