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Mississippi DUI law applies to all motorized vehicles, even four wheelers. Driving Under the Influence. Today, if you are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs DUI anywhere in Mississippi, the consequences you face are severe. Navigating these numerous issues is more effective with a lawyer. Also called the blow-and-go machine, it records a photograph of the operator and a breath sample before starting the vehicle.

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Also called the blow-and-go machine, it records a photograph of the operator and a breath sample before starting the vehicle. The suspension drnk test refusal will also be reported to the Driver License Compact. Sometimes hard facts make bad law.

Man accused of killing two pedestrians while driving drunk is identified

Navigating these numerous issues is more effective with a lawyer. In Mississippi, a DUI causing death or serious injury in a negligent manner is a felony and mw lead to 5 to 25 years in prison for each death or serious injury.

Any felony or misdemeanor drug conviction, including paraphernalia, carries a 6 month suspension of the driving license or privilege. How will this affect your future?

Mississippi has eliminated hardship driving licenses after DUI convictions. Call Gulfport defense lawyer Rufus Alldredge at Drugged gu,fport cases are getting more publicity. In Mississippi, it is unlawful to drive under the influence of any substance, including drugs.

Regardless of what the charge is called, Mississippi courts recognize convictions from other states in determining whether to charge a DUI as a first, second, third, or fourth offense.


However, Mississippi residents may be eligible to obtain a restricted driving druunk and have the ignition interlock installed. The officers walk up to your window.

DUI Defense | Gulfport, MS Drunk Driving Lawyer Rufus Alldredge

Our experience extends to first DUI offenses and more serious criminal charges. Hancock County, Bay St. We will help you navigate these troubled waters.

Minors under 21 years old are subject to the zero tolerance gulfprot of less than. If you have prior DUI convictions or other circumstances apply, you may be looking at vehicle impoundment, mandatory ignition interlock, a year or longer in jail and other life-changing penalties.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, we strongly urge you to contact an Ocean Springs personal injury attorney to get the immediate assistance you will need.

You try to remember how many beers you had. The suspension will be reported to the Driver License Compact. To put a proven Biloxi DUI ma attorney to work on your case, contact us at or send us e-mail now.

Gulfport man charged in death of Biloxi woman after Florida crash

Blood or urine tests can detect the presence of opiates, cocaine, Xanax, marijuana, prescription medication, or street drugs. The best Mississippi DUI attorneys will try to make non adjudication available on your case. What are you supposed to do?


One of the biggest myths people wrongly accept is that, if you are arrested for DUI in Mississippi, the consequences will be the same with or without a defense lawyer. Prescription medication might be a factor. Contact Us Free Consultation Out of state visitors including tourists, casino patrons, or military may also be eligible for non adjudication.

Upon conviction of DUI second offense or greater, Mississippi law requires an alcohol assessment for substance abuse and chemical dependancy and treatment if indicated by a facility certified by the State Department of Mental Health.

DUI Defense

Non adjudication means you do not get convicted and the DUI stays off your driving and insurance record. Fourth offense DUI carries up to ten years in prison, hefty fines, lengthy license suspension, and tulfport consequences.

Not only does facing this charge alone basically guarantee conviction, but you will also sacrifice any ability to get fines reduced, avoid reporting probation or otherwise benefit from our legal knowledge and skills. In Mississippi, it per se illegal to drive a car, truck, or motorcycle with an alcohol level of.

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