I will do a backup and try the HW swap. Respond to post 2. My router and switch both support gigabyte speeds. Please read the sticky in the networking forum about it. The non-LACP alternatives are to use multiple i. I added a second NIC, and that seems to work fine as well. BTW, I also have several Equallogic boxes and they’re configured just as yours.

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I have this working as well in RC2 chang TC1 said: You must log in or register to reply here. Likewise haven’t seen any documentation on how to do this.

The other was a brandnew, 25′, premium CAT7. Joined Jun 28, Messages Thanks 9.

How to configure 2 NICs

xhange You must log in or register to reply here. I also want to move everything from the Tower Server max 6 bay used now, to a Rackmount 24 bay Supermicro. I keep seeing all these messages in my console about how the MAC address keeps changing – I wonder if it’s because I’ve never truly, properly configured the interfaces? Please read the sticky in the networking forum about it.


To prove a point, I’ve utilized proper hierarchy with your bullet list: Fixed that for you. If you would have posted your speed results of your system prior to purchasing the Intel NIC someone freeenas have told you that your speed will not improve much based on your system specs.

The idiosyncratic posting style you seek to impose breaks a very useful forum function — the automatic notification of the person whose post is being responded to. Which do you find more easily to read? Joined May 2, Messages 6, Thanks 1, Stranded Camel Please edit the last freenqs to add things if someone hasn’t replied, by clicking on the edit link next to the time of your post.

Hopefully this is an easy fix.

That is probably the biggest change for the system. That is a unique definition of the word “aggregate. Most likely you’ve got NAT running on one or both networks, so ffreenas all goes to heck. At least the fix was cheap!

How to configure 2 NICs | FreeNAS Community

Ffreenas a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Forums New posts Search forums. I searched the forums but found nothing addressing this.


I don’t think either of those links apply, but I could have missed the intent and I apologize if so. It actually works, but it probably doesn’t work the way you think it is working. For some reason, I’ve had services bind to the secondary interface but not the primary interface. It’s not diffucult to configure as I think you figured out.

Is it possible to install updated NIC drivers in FreeNAS? | FreeNAS Community

You can also do it through the Console but the GUI is easier. Joined Mar 11, Messages 53 Thanks 5. Congrats freena figuring it out. Respond to post 2.

Joined Feb 29, Messages 4, Thanks This bizarre insistence on attempting to force forum users to adopt an absolutely idiosyncratic format for responding to posts –a format used just about nowhere– contributes nothing to the forum, FreeNAS, or ixSystems.

I apologize if you took offense to my comment about being ignorant.

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