When you use this product with low quality headphones or earphones, and you turn the bass all the way up, all you hear is muddy bass. The OLED has a little screen protector and six rubber feet to hold it in place. OK, but how does it sound? I charge it times a week, depending on how heavy I use it on battery. Ultimately, the sound delivers. If you own a bunch of high quality headphones, such as the Shure SRHs or Sennheiser Momentums, you will be able to get some high quality bass!

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MyerusFeb 24, Now, it is no surprise that you can adjust the bass. Everything sounds better through the E17 compared to on-board audio, especially music.

Do flio already have an account? Click here to see Fkio full review This will no longer be a problem if you pair it with the E09K as I do. OK, but how does it sound? I had a pair of Grado’s which sounded tinty with no bass when I plugged them into my laptop on Youtube or Itunes.

It is my go-to device for enjoying music at work, or anywhere other than my home office.

Fiio E17 review | What Hi-Fi?

Turns your lap top or ipod into a whole different aural experience. However it can be constantly recharged while with the dock or USB connector. When using the bass adjustment with a reasonably neutral sounding headphone like the Shure SRHs, you can make your headphones sound superb. Technically, the iPhone should have enough juice to power these IEMs from my limited understanding of the electrical aspects.


Written by Zennheiser Published May 24, We would like to prevent it before it’s happened as It is 10 times better built and finished than crude looking implements like the Air Head and Bithead — they aren’t bad DACs or Amps, but hell they were crude!!! It’s bright, it works, and it’s not going to win any design awards. Also shop in Also shop in.

What Hi-Fi?

And, when it does sometimes it wouldn’t mute the built-in speaker circuits and the amp from the HDA codec’s integrated amp. But they all benefit and not insignificantly. If you own a bunch of high quality headphones, such as the Shure SRHs or Sennheiser Momentums, you will be able to get some dca quality bass!

Well, I can’t hear it so that’s good enough for me. I think it looks great.

Now, this is my f17 headphone amp review, of my first headphone amp, and i feel confident enough to share my thoughts. Basically the DAC bypasses the computer sound processing and runs it through its own processor before amplifying. Anyway, there are lots of DACs out there but for price this one seems to stand out.


The bass and treble adjustments are nice.

It is not really transparent and revealing so if you plan to use it with monitor speakers, for example, bear in mind that E17 is more or less forgiving to poor recordings. But to my ears, the SEs love the E DJScopeSep 25, I go in the meny and choose max volume, and i cant get over !!! I have the unit itself at 40 for the volume, and it is burning in a little on the screen, but no biggie. You are allowed to control volume, bass and treble, gain, channel balance, etc.

In spite of those limitations, still very functional. No Longer Available Update Location close. Cons – some hips and distortion when using 3.

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