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A fool and his money are easily parted. If you wait till the end of the season you are going to get a great deal on the clubs you want , I always am a year behind on my equipment just for the reason of seeing what is the best that year , then I try it and get my equipment for a great price. Ahh, you think that price is cheap on the internet? Did you ever get an answer? You can see from the image that the materials used are not the same, shown by the difference in colour of the C-Groove in the fake version, which is lighter in shade and also less reflective. The next major difference comes in the form of the brand badge in the cavity.

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They could have been assembled by somebody used and sold on as a package but if they were brand new I’d be a little concerned.

Callaway Big Bertha 460

Hig love My FT There are several sites that all look similar, one umbrella company pulling the wool over our eyes. Gave it to one of my partners as I am A Lefty.

Dont know what to make of it or anything, but just thought I would pass on the info. I am just asking about the quality of this product, because due to some information eg — http: Have you read the about us citation? In addition to this on the hybrid the step towards the toe is not rendered as smoothly on the counterfeit as it is on the genuine article.


Would you post a list of every one of your shared pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed? I would be interested to hear your experience with them as well as any other people that have bought from garagesalegolf.

I bought a fake Odyssey putter and pursued it through Callaway and E-bay and eventually got reimbursed.

You can find discounts from geniune online companies. It is possible that they could be a counterfeit product. Trade in fake golf clubs is drying up, with the action taken by the authorities to date clearly having the desired effect.

Callaway Big Bertha – Previous Model Year Reviews – GolfWRX

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I checked with the reviews and too many people talked about bad things… some of them bug pay and have never get a golf set. With golf clubs this is rarely the case. I’ve forgotten my password. BaldTexan 63 years old. I’ve been to China on business a few times, and you should have seen the knock-off’s.

Posted 01 August – Like the driver the fill on the Cleveland logo is a slightly different colour. EMS is a service that only china have and use…….

10 Ways (NOT) To Buy Fake Golf Clubs on EBAY!

This club was straighter and about 15 yards longer. Delivery will of course be free, but even less than ibg, if you live in the Shenzen region. When I looked into it a bit more, I realised I was done over!


Want to join this community? Or are they made from the Callaway or US golf brands factorys in China just to make them cheaper like most brands do these days for all different items?

The golf clubs on this website definitely are fake. Does it have a telephone number other than for sales only? Just came across a site http: OKAY, After reading through these endless amounts of complaints and questions I thought I would give everyone a rule-of-thumb:.

The genuine club on the right is reflecting the light much better than the counterfeit on the left.

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

That was the first sign but it was already too late. Kinda where I was leaning anyway, as they have good prices, but bertah stupidly good prices. The paint was slightly different color, the ‘UPC’ serial code they use was upside down and little off center from the real one.

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