Said it probably is due to the new operating system compatibility! The only problem i discovered is that it doesnt go to sleep… have to completely power down each time, otherwise it caan freeze the system…. I finally got excited a USB solution for only 10 bucks, I should have known it was too good to be true. In farm country, forget broadband. I just called D-Link. Now it is what it should have been almost a year ago… Thank you very much! How to connect to wireless in Windows 7.

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I am running a dual 1.

Test Drive: D-Link’s USB Products (They suck!)

I am confident that it would now work fine with the actual D-Link unit. Get a 4-terabyte USB 3. No more D-Link for me. The dwl has a problem with overheating when used without extension cable…. What are the rest of the comments about???

DWL-G (rt USB chipset): EXCELLENT Wireless-G card!

DWL on my brand new iMac G There is some odd “Confirm Key” button that she keeps talking about but that’s another thing that Google was unable to help with. Running an IMac with And every time I called dw-l122 had no record that I had called before. Or maybe just e-mailing me the driver… growl.


I will buy a different Brand. Overall, having to reboot every 5 minutes makes this device completely unusable. Remove the software using the install tool instead of easy install use remove.

So I bit the bullet and de-installed 1. My D-Link icon on the system Tray is white with red line moving up and down on it. Originally Posted by tuxradar. Tried the updated driver, no luck.

Ok, call me crazy. TalkRadio Member Feb 9: Or make it into a BitTorrent file for download?

DWL-G, Windows and WPA – D-Link | DSLReports Forums

I did a search online for people using the DBT and a Nokia but came up mostly empty. My connection drops for no reason. I slapped it into the USB port and it worked for about 30 seconds: One would imagine this would cost D-Link a considerable sum of money. Rental car lied to me!

I wrote to D-Links support and they told me to dl newer drivers… but I was already using 1. I installed the driver on my Mac and plugged in the DWL The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap.


But everything works fine when you use the linux-wlan-ng drivers, as mentioned in a link in this forum. If you the receiver of this email are unable to offer a solution to the problem or cease sales of this device then I suggest you pass this information upstream to your supervisor, etc, etc until it reaches the person that is able to act and direct an appropriate part of your company to either cease sales and issue refunds or fix the problem.

I just installed the lastest version 1. De DWL-G en andere apparaten volgens Any fixes or 3rd-party drivers that work yet? D-Link should be ashamed of themselves for releasing AND advertising such a defective and potentially dangerous device to the Mac dw-l122. Thanks for posting the link to the Singapore driver. Hope this helps some poor soul out there that still has the 1.

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