Multifunction Devices


All Trigger mode settings are retained in each project making it convienient to switch modes without having to reconfigure your settings. Use the Control Key when clicking near a marker to jump directly to a marker. All options were available and displayed correctly after the user made a selection. This button will open the manager just below the button if the manager was not previously docked or left floating, otherwise it will bring it into focus only one Search Manager. Set a default template to always use when creating projects.

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Corrected obscure Parser error. New Menu button located next to each signal’s name to access signal specific options. This toggle is unique to each waveform view. Corrected – Asynchronous signals were not inverting the parity decode when using the “Invert Signal Value” option in the Signal definition editor.

Automatically runs selected searches after each capture. Having incompatible data loaded will not interfere with the next capture New captures always utilize the current configuration. New, digitally signed 64 bit and 32 bit drivers are included in this installation with full support for VISTA and Win7 operating systems.

This method is more user friendly than the strong “magnetic” placement used by other applications and is especially useful when near multiple windows. New Quick Measurements that snap to a signal’s edge or a time tick using the middle mouse button. Correction – System Error Code 5 When unlocking the screen, a system error could occur indicating “Access Denied” to a system resource Error: These signals will display an arrow at the end points.


Laboratory Supply Distributors Corp. If Mouse Position or context menu items are available they can be seen by using the Right-Click method of activating the menu. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Model DV – The Trigger indicator has been corrected to accurately indicate the position of the trigger event in the captured data regardless of the speed of the data.

Enhancement – CAN decoder Improved sync behavior after a noisy idle 4.

DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

Delete the displayed capture. On XP systems, the percentage indicator reflected the correct buffer usage, but the bar indicator only displayed its position mark and not the fill color. Added a Toggle Option to hide Instant Measurements. We now provide the concept of Frames and Fields in all windows.

DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Added cursor function to select fields in List windows when in frame mode.

Sample Time Reference for each waveform view can be relocated by dragging with a mouse. This includes ALL search figiview throughout the application, including the new search functions in Signal Editors.

MP USB Digital Microscope with 50x ~ x Magnification – Product | Digitech Industries

microscoe A broad, but reduced set of mixed colors, a full set of grayscale selections and the current theme colors can be chosen and previewed without closing the dialog.


Ear Camera, Duyoi Wireless Otoscope with 1. On previous versions, it was possible to repeat adding a new signal of the same type from the Signal Definitions window by just pressing the Enter key after editing a newly created signal.

On subsequent captures Preview,Run,Auto Runthe window will reappear where you last positioned it.

The Indicator also has a local menu to select or disable group membership selected by a Left-Click on the Indicator. Browsing through the history or jumping to a location in history can diggiview performed with a single click. Dock positioning is performed faster and can be seen by a bright rectangle in the proposed position.

Changed coloring of selected portions of the formula. New Adjustable Time Reference. Plug-in Developer’s Kit Version 1.

The default assigned group is Group 1. Timeout period can be specified in seconds, minutes or hours using whole numbers with a maximum of Hours.

Developers Kit available with multiple working examples.

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