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My last round of golf I only made the fairway twice. Instead, they try to camouflage the features to spare golfers’ egos. One of the biggest knocks on this club that we’ve heard has to do with it’s overall look If you get your swing fixed you will be hitting massive pulls or hooks, and then you will start to make adjustments back into a poor swing just to get it to go straight. You are using a theme designed for your browser.

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Advertise with us Privacy Terms. Offset – This is one of the most noticeable features of this club. Please note – this is coming from someone who started out golf with the dreaded slice, but with practice and persitance turned it into a slight fade, and finally a predictable draw.

This may be a good driver for many people but it often is too expensive for people to take a risk on. This club is not aimed to take over the major companies. At first we thought that it might just be another cheap nock off of the Taylor Made Movable Weight Technology, but we couldnt have been more wrong.

More importantly, his weak yard slices had turned into straight yard drives, even with an occasional slight draw. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.


Most people liked it’s overall size not to mention the various clubhead size options and it’s sound on contact.

Bob Burns No Bananas Review

So the big question More impressive, however, was what he found he could do with the bananax off the turf. It comes with a Magilla Gorilla head cover, and No Bananas fairway woods and irons also are available with oversized heads and anti-slice technology. I normally slice real bad off the tee but every other part of my game is great.

This is something that we just did Check out our contests! Jo bob burns no bananas cc times have we heard about a magical driver that bob burns no bananas cc to hit the ball straight and bob burns no bananas cc importantly how many times have these clubs actually 460c

Box Jackson, WY It’s an awesome club, and you have to try it to believe it! We’re looking at totally revamping the site over the winter and we’ll look at reviews then and decide how we want to write them going banabas. Jim December 27, – It was really incredible. Its not for everyone but thank god that Bob Burns made it.

The amount of left-to-right spin imparted on the ball decreases dramatically, and the result is vananas, more accurate shots.

Bob Burns No Bananas DAT Driver – Equipment – GolfWRX

Within the past week i have personally tried one 460vc these drivers. How many times have we heard about a banznas driver that promises to hit the ball straight and more importantly how many times have these clubs actually delivered?


Syndicate Delivered by FeedBurner. A couple of years ago, veteran club-builder Bob Burns made bob burns no bananas cc splash with his No Bananas driver. Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. Those players that fit into that market, will be extremely happy with the results. It has not cured my awful slice. Posted 28 December – They are solid, top-rate sticks, with all the options afforded “players’ clubs.

No Bananas golf club line improves your game from tee to green

I called Bob, talke with him, he is a wonderful man and he actually sent me out baannas clubs to hit. Sure it looks a bit strange and sure it doesn’t carry a huge brand name but none of that matters for the average golfer that now routinely hits second shots from the fairway.

I would love to hear more about the irons and the moveable weights on them.

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