You can’t upload attachments. So please let me know if it should be somewhere else For BDE the chances are reduced to the chances that the new client is backwards compatible with the old client, or the old SQL Client can connect to the new server. You can’t edit your own posts. Why did you tag this dbExpress? You can’t edit other events.

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You can’t delete your own posts. I don’t like the idea of installing other “crap” on the database server.

If the database was a file based system like Paradox or Access, the server would need to be on the same machine.

Originally posted by LoneGumMan: Why did you tag this dbExpress? Post as a guest Name.

Delphi 7 BDE on SQL Server – Stack Overflow

You can’t vote in polls. Narrow your search by forum. No special settings were required to execute Delphi-compiled executables which are all bit, obviously. I don’t know much about Borland other than that I used their free compiler for my C class and most everything they seem to have mwsql days is discontinued and depreciated.

Apr 9, Posts: While you can’t install the BDE on be 64 bits machine, you can perfectly well simply copy the dlls from another install into the application folder and it will work like a charm. If you don’t use aliases at all and don’t include any references to DbTables. You can’t edit HTML code.


Nov 14, Posts: Maxer, have you considered visiting the Board Room and find another job a way out of hell? Fri Jul 11, 3: Gift Peddie Posted 11 years ago You can’t send emails.

P It’ll be “like on win32” then: Has anyone seen similar problems? You can’t post IFCode.

Connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server Database Using BDE

At least, I work in a Delphi shop that is trying to desperately move away from it You can’t post topic replies. The mssql is long done, I’m sure, but in case others are searching for the same answer.

You can’t edit your own events. Hey, this is a DIFFERENT vendor from the one with the messed up database views that always goes offline and doesn’t have the normalized database where I have to use the messed up linked server that doesn’t believe in unique primary keys and Apr 15, Posts: Ken, true but related information is often helpful.


And then eventually, in a few years, after you’ve threatened to stop paying support, you see the new steaming pile of dung and you want to flog yourself for not sabotaging the whole thing earlier. Unfortunately, in some organizations you have to do the right thing sub rosalest someone start keeping you out of the meetings where msslq make these same stupid decisions.

Databases set for SQL Server and above will not accept this syntax. Most of the development was done on Windows 7 bit OS’s, and executed on same as well as Windows Server and R2, both bit. This means that if this application has an app server component and you decide to install that component on your SQL server, then you will need to install mssq BDE there at least.

It’s quite possible that this application has completely abstrated to storage engine and delegates it all to the BDE.

You can’t upload attachments.

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