Multifunction Devices


Resolution Megapixel All 0. Products 18 Product types 3. Provides Industry standard API for maximum portability. Products 40 Product types Open all Close all. Products 33 Brands 3.

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Allied Vision Guppy Pro | STEMMER IMAGING

Embedded Digital Output Modules. Embedded Digital Input Modules.

Products 6 Brands 1. Guppg Embedded Partners Products Product types Carrier Cards – Express Card. Many hand optimized functions. Automatically bypasses defective or disconnected nodes in a fiber-optic network. Cameras – GigE Cameras. Please use a different set of filters. Products 41 Brands 1.

Products 8 Brands 2. Products 6 Product types 6. Differential Probes – High Voltage. Real-Time Data Streaming products. Products 9 Brands 1.

AVT Guppy Pro

Products 58 Product types Allied Vision Camera Selection Guide 5. Displaying 1 – 25 of Multiple real-time data displays. Products 16 Brands 1. Embedded Analog Output Modules. Products Product types 8. Products 40 Brands 1.


Av Measurement Breakout Box. Look-up tables make it easy to perform preprocessing operations such as remapping of pixel values to other pixels, applying gamma to a particular colour or using pseudo-colors.

Sensor size mm All 1. Products 18 Brands 4. Products 24 Product types 9. Products 18 Brands 1. Products 14 Brands 2.

Allied Vision – Decimation Application Note Products 3 Brands 1. Products 74 Brands 2. Bit depth 8 Internal universal power supply. Carrier Cards – PCI.

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