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I have not had any problem with my MX1. With the DT’s already bass-heavy presentation, the Audinst gives a cleaner, firmer bass whump to the opening kickdrum, and really opens up the lower-end to let the DT’s reach down for bass that I imagine should be vibrating in my chest. Add music to any sport even swimming with the wire-free, all-in-one music player you can wear I think you should look into the Ibasso D-Zeros. Post 2 of Post 15 of

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I’m afraid there is no way around it. Reply April 26, Joe. Reply September 27, Nugra. Ask me again next week and I should be able to give you an impression. Reply January 25, Anonymous.

Greetings, Very nice and detailed review! Reply February 11, Mike.

Reply April 19, thuantran. Now for a little analysis of the circuit: Reply November 14, Anonymous.

Quite possibly the worst piece of electronic equipment i have ever purchased. I just need to know how much better it is compared to the MX1 so that I can make a decision. Nud-mx1 April 17, Mike.


Reply September 1, Sangkeun I once had a pretty large tube amp that will remain nameless, and it was not able to deliver the kind of control and authority with the K that this little USB powered box has. Bottlehead Crack looks really nice but unfortunately is not available in my country.

Reply August 29, Corben. Reply August 12, matthew The unstable power supply can lead to noise occurrence and lower sound pressure.

Audinst HUD-MX1

Reply April 15, Brian Jang. I think that you listened music with airport express via digital out before. I love their rich smooth sound and hux-mx1 ultrasonic bass that is never too prevalent in the mix. It is a great all around performer, somewhat forward but still very enjoyable.

Reply October 16, Isua. But tubes come with a big difference in sound characteristics, and so ultimately it would depend on the type of tube being used and the circuit designed for it. Hi Mike, Im interested in buying airmotiv 4 speakers and trying to choose a dac.

It is also very convenient for comparison purposes since it has 2 sets of inputs which are switchable from the front panel. One thing I do notice which could be considered a weakness, and it is likely not the fault of the Audinst but rather a consequence of some deliberate design choice by Sennheiser, is that I prefer male vocals to female vocals with this setup. Especially when the Audinst support is not responding in these cases. There are plenty of great products in this price range but I keep coming back to this as my recommendation.


Thanks for the suggestion anyway!

Audinst Hud-MX1 Review

These crackling noises are starting to become a big issue. The Creek OBH is an audist standby, sort of the gatekeeper of the amp world. I’ve never auditioned the Styleaudio Topaz, which is the top-of-the-line model for their brand.

The regulator contains a deactivation switch that is triggered when you connect the mains adaptor after having connected the USB, which is contrary to the normal procedure. Pros – Decent build quality.

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