Verify the directory where odbcinst expects the odbcinst. You can take a look at the drivers tab. Both answers are correct, but only have the links to were the answers are. The following example illustrates an odbc. The files and folders in c:

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I am using a windows 7 x64 pro system.

Test the DSNs you created. The final settings should be the ones listed below. I can see that another person is having the same problem.

How to go about it. If I come across anything concerning this kind of error, I will post it here. I am getting licensing issue.

How to install and configure DB2 ODBC driver

The protocol used to connect to the DB2-server. This only appies if you installed a 32 bit driver on a 64 system.

To verify whether unixODBC is installed, execute the following commands: I don’t want to use linked servers. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


As sudoexecute the following commands:. Sorry for the late response.

Manually configure an ODBC data source

I asd somebody reading this post will be able to help you. The IBM terrible and why even myself after 17 years working with Informix is giving up. Your local environment can contain multiple GPG keys; however, for security reasons, Snowflake periodically rotates the public GPG key. As a best practice, we recommend deleting the existing public key after confirming that the latest key works with the latest signed package.

NET web site on server below error occur. For the policy name, you can use any text string, however the string cannot contain blank spaces. You can take a look at the drivers tab. iserkes

You isegies my day…above command works in Windows 10 with 64 bit installation. On the command line, specify the DSN name, user login name, and password, using the following format:.

IBM Where are the ODBC drivers that access DB2/ on the iSeries? – United States

Hi Abhijeet, If I understand your problem correcly. Excelente tutorial, ya solo falta que lo ponga en practica. Sorry, but I have never had that problem.


By default, the dpkg package signature verification tool does not check the signature when you install the package. The DB2-version can be found using the command DB2level. On the command line, specify the DSN name, user login name, and password. The following example illustrates an odbc. I am trying to connect and getting below error. It was been of great help.

Thanks for the post. HiWe do followed the same procedure which was explained abovebut i could not able to do test connection. Download the file from the Snowflake web interface. Here you need to press the Add-button to add the settings below.

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